3 Quick Tips for Marketing to the Female DIY Consumer

By Zach Williams

Your female DIYer is just as likely to tackle a home improvement project this year as Mr. FixIt. Gone are the days of the “Honey Do List”. If she’s not taking on the project herself, she’ll likely be a hands on assistant to her male counterpart. And don’t forget, her purchasing power is only going up! Woman handle the bulk of the purchasing decisions on consumer goods, and are major influencers on big ticket items like homes, appliances, and furniture. 

So, here are a few quick tips to make sure you know what she likes.  

1. Run an Instagram Takeover  

First off, she likes Instagram. So, browse our Blogs to Follow series and get with some talented DIY female bloggers, and let them run your Instagram account for a few days surrounding a specific project or theme. 

This will be attractive to female DIYers in several ways.

  • You’ll be relevant, which gets you the attention of your female DIYer, and you’ll likely gain some new followers because your blogger will have no doubt promoted her Instagram Takeover to her fans. 

  • You’ll be encouraging her to take on some DIY projects of her own through the inspiration of a fellow female DIY expert, which speaks to both her emotions and her practicality. She wants to do something she’s never done before, and with a little instructions you’ve just given her the confidence she needed. BOOM! She won’t forget you. 

  • You’ve given her a cheaper and/or easier to do-it-herself option for a project she most likely had on her mind for months. BOOM! You’ve retained her interest in your brand. You are now in her list of followers after all. 

Lowe’s just did this, twice in a row actually. They had @DesignSponge post a series of pattern inspirations on their IG account, and then passed the baton to Gabrielle from @DesignMomBlog to post her journey step by step through creating, building and installing a tree swing for her 6 kids! 

2. Pin Your Way to Her Heart 

She also loves Pinterest, so make sure you have boards geared towards total projects and inspiration ideas. 

She’s browsing Pinterest just to look around and to find ideas for specific DIY home improvement projects. I recently posted a few specific board ideas focused around Spring but the possibilities are endless. 

If you sell a specific type of tool, make a board focused on home improvement projects that require the use of your tool. If you sell clean products, start with a board about spring cleaning projects. 

3. Respond to Her 

In general, women check their social media accounts more than men, they use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram more than men, and they are more likely to interact with brands on social media than men, via showing support, accessing deals or promotions, keeping up to date and commenting

In other words, they like to be (or are more willing to be) social more than men

So, what’s your takeaway here?

If she comments to you on Twitter, respond. 

If she mentions you in an IG post, like her post. 

If she joins in on your hashtag campaign, find a way to reward her for her time and effort to connect with your brand. 

This will reward you with her loyalty when she’s having brunch with the girlies or sharing her latest DIY project online. 

Zach Williams is the Founder and Creative Director for Venveo, a digital marketing agency. Zach has logged countless hours creating strategies and developing brand loyalty for Home Improvement brands. Follow him on
Twitter or find him on LinkedIn

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