5 Ways to Capitalize on Spring: Tips for Partnering with Lawn & Garden Companies

By Zach Williams

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Spring is finally here, teasing us all with warmer weather and sunnier days! Even if snow is still on the horizon for some states, the first day of Spring has passed and DIYers have Spring on their minds.

And we all know what that means. Nicer weather brings with it the desire to purge, clean up, brighten up and lighten up indoor and outdoor spaces.Sunshine and chirping birds inspire DIY Consumers to tackle those outdoor DIY projects they dreamed up while they were bundled inside during the winter and rain.

So, Home Improvement Brands, now’s your chance to jump on the “Yay, Spring!” band wagon and start teaching, encouraging and inspiring your DIYers to get going.

Here’s a few tips to help get you started on Project “Capitalize on Spring.”

1. Talk About Lawn & Garden Projects & Include How-to Tips

Take advantage of the DIY consumer’s interest in How-to videos and tutorials and start producing these materials for landscaping and gardening projects.

Partner with complementary lawn and garden brands to share stories, ideas and tips on maintenance, spring cleaning tactics and other fun DIY projects for outdoor spaces.

Take a few tips from HGTV.com’s “Spring Made Easy” video series, which focuses on topics like gardening tips, spring project checklists and lawn care advice. HGTV launched these two minute videos to share tips and advice on things like caring for your spring bulbs during bi-polar weather, a healthy lawn checklist, window cleaning tips, deck maintenance , deck clean-up and pruning and weeding.

Create a list of spring project ideas for your consumers to start sharing tips, advice and inspiration. Write articles, create how-to videos, post quick tips on Instagram or Vine, craft Pinterest boards and offer project checklists.

Here’s a list of spring projects to help get you going:

  • Pruning Trees
  • Planting Bulbs and Flowers
  • Cleaning the Garage
  • Cleaning and Staining the Deck
  • Deep Cleaning Windows
  • Organizing and Purging Closets
  • Updating Window Treatments  

2. Start Pinning

Pinterest is hopping with spring cleaning, spring crafts, spring gardens, and outdoor decorating ideas for spring too. Get on Pinterest and start pinning project ideas.

Here’s a few board ideas to get you started:

  • Pantone Spring Color Themed Garden – create one combined board or make one for each of Pantones Spring 2014 Colors focused on flowers, plants and garden decor
  • Houseplants – dedicate a board to house plants for the apartment DIYer
  • Garden Container Ideas – get creative and share pins about alternative plant and flower containers
  • Spring Cleaning Checklists – create a board dedicated to helpful projects and spring cleaning to-do lists
  • The Grass is Greener – provide tips and tricks to get their grass greener than the Jones’ grass
  • Lawn Care & Maintenance – straightforward and practical
  • Garden Decor – create a board on statement garden pieces and include this cute little guy

3. Partner Up with DIY Bloggers

Partnering up with a DIY or lifestyle blogger can boost your clout with DIYers. Find out which blogger might be willing to recommend your products in her “How To Prep for Spring” and “How to Deep Clean Your Windows This Spring” type articles to get buyers after the brands recommended by bloggers.

Here’s a few ideas of bloggers and articles to get you started:

4. Don’t Forget About Spring Creating

Don’t just focus on spring cleaning, but get creative and suggest DIY projects your consumers could tackle this spring. Start inspiring them!

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Pallets – recycled wooden pallets and cable spools are currently trending on Pinterest. share some ideas on DIY patio furniture using these materials (Example).
  • Organize By Creating Multi-Use Spaces – spring usually means it’s time to start organizing, so start encouraging DIYers to create multi-use spaces as an act of organizing closets, bookshelves or offices.
  • Herb Gardens – the call of fresh fruits and veggies means cooking and dining outside. encourage your DIYers with tips on how to get a cute herb garden going

5. Offer the whole package

This is where partnering with complementary brands can really launch your awareness for DIYers. If you sell home goods, look for opportunities to pair with garden decor brands and provide recommendations to your customers on how to tie their indoor spaces with their outdoor ones.

For example, Cambria, a natural stone company, teamed up with Benjamin Moore to create this Paint Match Tool to help customers pick out the perfect paint for their new countertop.

To piggyback off our herb garden idea, if you sell kitchen products launch a “Spring Kitchen Tips” campaign and offer insights from easy kitchen updating tips, like new hardware, to outdoor dining and herb gardens that offer your customers the whole package from kitchen upgrades on a budget to springtime recipes, spice racks and outdoor entertaining tips.

Offer up the lifestyle and overall use of the indoor and outdoor spaces your products can serve and paint that picture for your consumers with DIY projects and ideas. 

What are some ways you’re planning to inspire your consumers this Spring? I’d love to here your insights in the comments below.

Zach Williams is the Founder and Creative Director for Venveo, a digital marketing agency. Zach has logged countless hours creating strategies and developing brand loyalty for Home Improvement brands. Follow him on
Twitter or find him on LinkedIn

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