Best Fantasy Knives of 2019 For Sale

Fantasy knives are not your ordinary pocket knives. These knives are built and designed with some of the most unique styles, including scorpions, flames, dragons, spiderwebs, motorcycles, skulls, and more. Our fantasy knives for sale include pocket knives, survival knives, and swords. If you’re looking for an artistic blade to add to your collection, our fantasy knives collection will not disappoint. 

Check out some of our most unique fantasy knives and swords

1) 8″ Tac Force Blue Dragon Series Knife

This 8″ Tac Force fantasy knife has many facets that make this one cool knife. This fantasy knife for sale is spring assisted, allowing it to open very quickly. The assisted open knives are the legal counterparts to switchblades, as they open just as fast from the side, rather than the front, of the knife. 

Blade & Handle

This knife’s blade is a single edged – spear point – partially serrated – stainless steel blade. The single edged factor of the blade makes it perfect for applying increased pressure when making cuts and slices, as the front edge of the blade is sharp while the spine of the blade is dull. The spear point design of the blade makes this knife great for piercing, as both the front and back edge of the knife equally converge to the pointy tip of the blade. Finally, the partially serrated characteristic of the blade allows it to make push and pull cuts, as the plain part of the front edge is used to make clean cuts, while the serrations on the blade are used to cut through rougher materials, such as zip ties and rope. The stainless steel material used to craft the knife’s blade is very sharp and affordable. 

This fantasy’s knife handle is made from premium aluminum material. This provides the knife’s manufacturer the opportunity to craft unique designs on the knife’s handle. Also, aluminum provides the user a comfortable grip, without the fear of the knife slipping out of their hand during intensive tasks. 


This knife is classified as a fantasy knife as it has a very imaginative and creative style. The knife highlights a metallic blue dragon design on the matte black aluminum handle. Additionally, the fantasy knife’s blade showcases red flames. 

Specs & Accessories

8″ overall length

Glass breaker and belt clip

Comes in Blue, Gold, or Gray color

The unique design of this blade, as well as the functionality of the blade and handle, make this knife one of the best fantasy knives of 2019 for sale. 

2) Z-Hunter Zombie Karambit Neon Green Folding Pocket Knife

Best Fantasy Knives of 2019

This Z-Hunter Karambit Blood Splatter zombie pocket knife is a great fantasy knife to add to your collection. This fantasy karambit knife has a unique design highlighting neon red blood splatter design and neon green colors. 

Blade and Handle

The fantasy karambit zombie knife is made with a very sharp partially serrated stainless steel blade, and an neon green aluminum handle. The partial serrations make this knife great for cutting through rough materials, such as ropes and zip ties. The plain edge of the blade is great for making accurate slices and cuts. The handle has a ring hole, allowing the user to use their thumb to provide a more affirming grip. 


This Z-Hunter zombie knife highlights a neon green color with blood splatter design. This style is unique, and the the contrast between bright red and bright green makes this the perfect fantasy knife. Additionally, the hand contoured handle with drilled hole design provides an excellent grip. The distinct design of this knife makes this our pick for one of the best fantasy knives of 2019 for sale. 

Specs and Accessories

Overall Length: 7.75″

Blade Length: 3.25″

Handle Length: 4.5″

Accessories: Belt Clip, Ring Hole


3) Fantasy Motorcycle Knife with LED Flashlight

best fantasy knives of 2019

This fantasy knife is a bit different from the ones above. This motorcycle knife is a manual opening knife, rather than a spring assisted knife. The manual knives have their advantages and disadvantages. The primary disadvantage is the increased time it takes to open the pocket knife, whereas the spring assisted pocket knife can open in a matter of seconds. However, with less moving components, traditional manual pocket knives are much more reliable and durable, and are less likely to fail you when they are needed. 

Blade and Handle

This motorcycle fantasy knife features a stainless steel blade, and aluminum motorcycle designed handle. The stainless steel blade on this knife is single edged and a clip point blade, making it great for accurate and clean cuts. This fantasy knife’s blade is relatively short, coming in at 2.75 inches. However, a short blade isn’t necessarily bad. In fact, a short blade can inflict greater damage as they are easier to handle and control relative to long blades. 


This fantasy knife has a Harley motorcycle design. The biker knife features a front and back wheel, motorcycle seat, and even a functional headlight! The design of this blade provides a comfortable and strong grip. The unique design of this motorcycle knife makes this one of the best fantasy knives of 2019 for sale. 

Specs and Accessories

Overall Length: 7.75

Blade Length: 2.75″ 

Blade Thickness: 2.5 MM

Handle Length: 5″

Accessories: LED Mini Flashlight

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