Can Coffee Can Help You Quit Smoking Cigarettes?

For many smokers, coffee and cigarettes go hand-in-hand. In fact, a report published on Reliable Plant reveals that about 43% of surveyed smokers associate coffee and cigarettes with activities that must be done together. There is much debate about why this is, but some believe this pairing comes as a result of how coffee can “enhance” the flavor and drag of a cigarette. Regardless, this association has caused many people to distance themselves from coffee when trying to quit smoking, as noted in the National Cancer Institute’s tobacco fact sheet. But coffee isn’t just a smoking trigger. Evidence suggests that when approached properly, coffee may actually help your cigarette cessation. 

It quells pesky nicotine cravings

Contrary to popular belief, recent studies from the University of Florida reveal that drinking coffee can help nip cigarette cravings. More specifically, researchers found that the n-MP compound found in brewed coffee can help regulate the brain’s nicotine receptors. These receptors are usually hypersensitive among those who have a dependence on cigarettes, which can be bothersome. For those trying to quit, this same hypersensitivity can cause them to relapse. 

With a well-timed cup of coffee, though, a former smoker can reduce their cravings by soothing the dysfunction in their nicotine receptors before it peaks. For best results, try drinking your coffee first thing in the morning so you can calm any cravings before the day gets started. Try brewing something stronger, like Liberica coffee beans, as these have a higher concentration of the n-MP compound. Because morning cravings can be especially powerful after a night of total deprivation, having an automatic kitchen aid like a Gaggia Brera Super coffee machine can ensure you get your soothing cup of Joe without any stress. 

It helps the adoption of cigarette alternative

For most smokers, going cold turkey is just not sustainable. This is why many first turn to alternatives that can help them wean off cigarettes. Plenty of these alternatives make use of flavorings to enhance the experience, and one of the most popular flavors is coffee. Case in point, On! nicotine pouches are a well-known tobacco- and smoke-free oral product that helps curb cigarette cravings without triggering nicotine withdrawal. This alternative comes in varying strengths and flavors, including 2mg and 4mg pouches with a creamy coffee taste designed to replicate how a barista would brew this drink. Coffee flavorings are also used in other alternatives. 

For instance, Lucy nicotine gum comes in an espresso flavor and is a popular choice for smokers who want to placate their oral fixation while still getting their coffee fix. As mentioned in the introduction, smokers love their coffee, so by offering this flavor, these alternatives satisfy both coffee and nicotine cravings, thereby minimizing the temptation of going back to cigarettes. In some cases, enjoying coffee with a similarly flavored cigarette alternative adds extra depth to the drink. 

It can combat cigarette withdrawal symptoms

Finally, coffee can actually help address some withdrawal symptoms that dissuade many from quitting smoking completely. Among the most common symptoms are irritability, anxiety, and depression since the body’s dopamine drops as a result of its dependency. However, as this article by Sasha Pavlovich on healthy coffee facts states, coffee can increase dopamine secretion, a natural mood-boosting hormone. 

Another withdrawal symptom that coffee can help alleviate is lethargy.  Many smokers feel less energetic after they quit smoking since their bodies are used to the stimulating ingredients in cigarettes. As it happens, though, coffee is a fantastic pick-me-up. The journal Frontiers shared a study that proved those who drink coffee are more alert and focused. Caffeine is also an energizing stimulant if you feel physically drained. Even less common smoking withdrawal manifestations can be addressed by coffee. For instance, some former smokers experience headaches or migraines as a result of the body readjusting to the lack of cigarettes. Luckily, the caffeine in coffee can help relieve or even eliminate the pain, as this can narrow the swollen blood vessels that cause headaches in the first place.

In closing, coffee has been unfairly characterized as a cigarette trigger. While it does have close associations that can influence how smokers go about their habit, coffee can also help in the quitting process when used wisely. 

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