Choosing the Right Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Exterior Lights

If you have a veranda, overhang, or porch on the exterior of your home, you may want to consider a flush mount light instead of the more traditional wall-mounted styles. Since there are dozens of options for exterior lighting, Overland Park homeowners can quickly and affordably match new fixtures to their existing esthetic.


Your local home lighting store will have flush-mount and semi-flush mount exterior lights to meet your design expectations and practical needs. The difference between the two lights is relatively minor, but you’ll want to research different designs depending on the location and look.


Flush Mount


Although there is an overlap in the function of these fixtures, it’s best to use flush mount lights when you have at least an eight-foot ceiling. However, if the ceiling is higher than ten feet, consider switching to the semi-flush mount design to increase the cast of light.




Semi-flush mount lights have a space between the fixture’s body and the ceiling. They usually have a short chain or down rod that drops the assembly a few inches into the room. They make excellent exterior lights for outdoor spaces with higher ceilings.


Both close-to-ceiling fixtures provide ambient lighting, but each is best suited to a specific task and type of room. Explore your options at Rensen House of Lights to give your veranda or porch a soft, welcoming glow.

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