Cleaning Tips from Retired Cuddledown Head Seamstress

Down products are an investment in your sleep, so why not keep them as lofty and luxurious as the day they arrived at your front door? During her 39-year career at Cuddledown, our head seamstress formulated a list of ways to remove the most common household stains. We’re here to share her discoveries and tips with you!

Common stain removal tips:

  • Blood: Use Q-Tips dipped in Hydrogen Peroxide and gently rub across the stain. If the stain is still present reapply the Hydrogen Peroxide. Do not dip the used end of the Q-Tip back into the Peroxide, but instead, grab a fresh Q-Tip and repeat the application. When you’re done, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth. Another method to try is dabbing cold water on the stain using a clean cloth.
  • Clear Oil (on White Comforters): Apply cornstarch to the stain and rub gently into the fabric. Let the cornstarch sit for 5 minutes and brush off with a brush. If needed reapply and repeat the process.
  • Clear Oil (on Colored Comforters): Use the same method as on White Comforters. It is important to note that you should not put anything wet on a colored comforter as it will leave a ring.
  • Black Grease: Wet a clean cloth and rub on Ivory Soap. Gently rub the grease spot to remove the stain. When you’re finished rub the area with a clean, wet cloth to remove any soap residue.
  • Pencil Marks: Use a fabric eraser on the spot to remove it
  • Coffee & Tea: Run cold water on the stain as soon as possible. An alternate cleaning method is to pour enough salt on the stain to soak up the liquid.
  • Red Wine: Combine 1tbsp laundry soap or dish soap with 1 cup hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. Soak a clean sponge in the mixture, squeeze it halfway dry, and gently dab the stain.
  • Makeup: Dab using dishwashing liquid in cold water. Lipstick is best removed using oil-based cleaning solvents.
  • Ink Marks: Pour rubbing alcohol directly onto the stain and use a Q-Tip to move the rubbing alcohol around. Rinse with clean water.

We hope having these tips will help you keep your favorite products looking as good as new for years to come. If you have any cleaning tips of your own, share them below and share this resource with those you know who own down products.

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