Custom Damascus Folding knives – Handmade Damascus Hunting Knives in USA

Damascus Razor

The stunning 412 layer pattern included Damascus Steel Skinning Knife Blades 1095 and high carbon steel 15 N 20. Hollow Blade is a width of width and thickness of 3 mm. In the category, the offer is made of similar material, and the handle is made with camel. On one side of the handle, the amount of bones is like zero (or even plastic), while on the other hand the bone naturally appears to be naturally smoke. The lines of the handle are made of stainless steel and lock the liner of rice. This cow has a leather wallet.

Clean Carbonate

Damascus Blowjob is a Custom Damascus Folding knives released 100% of Damascus1 company. They have another RD team that is actively introducing Black Rood and other models in Damascus, such as activating new patterns. Damage Company has a limited knife each month to maintain quality and performance standards. Where I love Damascus razor, it is clean carbonate, due to the different levels of carbon steel and the surface of the earth.

American Dampies

The Damascus Blades is a folding knife that is heavy and looks handsome. Stairs and natural materials in unusual nature in Damascus make unique knives in different knives. At that time, I was one of my favorite EDCs. I also picked up a camel strap for handling materials, in which I removed a lot of black knives. Even without a problem, the knife is a safe lock that prevents extraordinary openings. This is a basic common feature found in the cheapest folders and should be placed on the knife. Second, in the closed state, the blade is placed mainly on the blade’s inner surface, and after a while the blade expands. This can be fixed faster when the speaker does not touch the edge and as long as the blade cannot be closed on the heel, because all knives are good.

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