Dorm Decorating in 5 Easy Steps

As we are getting closer to the beginning of a new school year, it’s time for your college student to start planning their dorm room décor. Making a dorm room your own is one of the most exciting parts of getting ready to go to college and allows you to transform a blank canvas into a home away from home.

Here are five easy ways to help your college-bound student personalize their dorm room:

  1. A tapestry. These are a great way to fill the blank space of a dorm wall with something fun that matches their theme. Amazon has affordable tapestries with many different patterns and sizes to pick from.
  2. Pictures. Creating a fun workspace by your desk can easily be achieved through pictures of friends, family, or pets. Whether they are framed or hung on the wall, they can get creative with the arrangement and your student can bring a little piece of home to college with them.
  3. String Lights. If the university allows them, decorative lights hanging on the wall are a great way to take the coziness up a level. If fairy lights aren’t appealing to your student then try the popular LED light strips.
  4. Cozy comforter and eye-catching duvet cover. Nothing compares to crawling into bed after a long day of coursework, so having the perfect comforter is key. Everyone sleeps differently so shop our collection of cozy comforters. A fabulous duvet cover that fits your student’s theme is a great way to let their personality shine and tie the room together.
  5. Blanket or Throw. No movie night with the roommate or sporting event would be complete without snacks and a cozy blanket. We have a wide selection of blankets and throws like our Cozy Fleece Blankets to shop from and complete their cozy dorm room.

Tell us, what are some go-to decorating tips you found for your dorm? We’d love to hear!

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