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Recipe and photos by Launie Kettler

Well-seasoned meat, sweet tomatoes, carrots, peppers, Italian seasoning, and some smoky paprika can feel like a warm blanket on a cold fall evening – kinda like this F.N. Sharp knife, buried under a blanket of perfectly diced veggies…

And when it comes to spooky things that keep us up at night, like branches scratching along the window, coyotes growling in menacing tones, or the anything-but-dulcet sounds of a cat screaming at its prey, well – wait…

We’ve lost our collective train of thought with all of those spooky-kooky thoughts running around our noggins! 

But, something that always manages to calm us down is a wonderful bowl of goulash on a day when darkness falls early in a disconcerting fashion. 

It’s warm. 

It’s comforting. 

It’s loaded with soothing flavors on the chilliest of dark and rainy fall evenings. 

It calms our souls and brings a smile to our faces, even as we hear a window shutter slam against the siding in an ominous fashion, making our hearts jump…

Goulash to the rescue! 

Now round up your ingredients, grab your F.N. Sharp Chef’s Knife, get that cutting board ready, and let’s make some scary good ghoul-ash 👻🎃

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Easy Recipe for All-American Goulash

Serves 8

American Goulash Ingredients:

Need Help Cutting up Those Veggies? Check Out This F.N. Sharp Guide

American Goulash Instructions

Note: This can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

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About the Recipe Creator

Recipe writer and photographer Launie Kettler of TeenyTinyKitchen

Launie Kettler is a food writer and photographer who cooks big food in a small kitchen in northern Vermont. Her husband and cats are tolerant of the fact that she plays the same Wilco and Son Volt albums over and over while pontificating about the beauty of cumin. 

Launie is also the co-author of The Everything Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook and her recipes have been featured in Where Women Cook, Fresh Magazine, and on Salon.

You can find and follow Launie’s adventures on her social handle @teenytinykitchenvt on Instagram, Facebook, Threads and her blog at TeenyTinyKitchen.com.

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