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It’s always the little
things in life that matter! One of those things happens to be the act of making
ones own bed in the morning!

Ideally, making
your bed every single day should be a welcome ritual indicating that you are
setting things in order first thing every morning! And why not? Although you
may feel it is a very small accomplishment, it will amaze you with its
surprising benefits!

That seemingly
tiny task would encourage you to take on another one and so on, setting a
positive tone for the entire day!

Here is a
quick start solution to perfect bed making!

In order to make
your bed efficiently, fitted sheets are timesaving and smart options in keeping
with today’s fast paced life!

Some basics on fitted sheets:

What is a fitted sheet? It is a soft and
supple sheet of smooth fabric covering the mattress on your bed with a stretchy
elastic band sewed into the seam of the material which holds it firmly in

What are fitted sheets made

Cotton and percale are the most preferred fabrics for fitted sheets.

They are breathable, durable, super soft, easy to take care of and
possesses a natural sheen.

Fitted Sheet Sizes: Fitted Sheets are
available for single as well as double beds. Also available in King and the Queen Size.

What is a thread count?

It is the number of threads woven together in a square inch.

Time Saving: It’s
so much easier to make the bed when using fitted sheets.
Very little effort is required to tuck fitted sheets and your bed is made super-fast!

Fitted Sheets

How does one purchase fitted sheets?

When purchasing fitted
it’s very important to have the right dimensions of the
mattress-the length, the width and the thickness.

Top Quality: Assurance of
breathable and comfortable fabric with guaranteed durability.

Cleanliness: How often should you change your fitted sheets?

It’s best to clean your sheets once a week. Washing your sheets
regularly prevents health problems caused due to allergens and also asthma
which is caused due to bed bugs and dust mites.

Voila! Portico offers a
fantastic range of functional and stylish fitted sheets catering to all those
on the go!

The expertly tailored fitted sheets are widely available in all leading
stores and also online too.


MARVELLA – Add a splash of color to
your home with our range of Marvella printed bed linen. Pick a
printed fitted sheet set in a funky pattern to accent a coordinated comforter. Pick
a sheet set made out of cotton and add some matching Vibgyor pillow cases to
complete the look.

SIZE: Fitted sheet King (182 cms x 198 cms) + 2 Pillow covers (46 cms x
69 cms)

PERCALE: Enjoy the endless hues of our handpicked shades
that complement any room and break the monotony of a printed bedding range. Co-ordinate
these solid colors with our printed range to mix and match and create your
perfect home!

SIZE: Fitted sheet King (182 cms x 198 cms) + 2 Pillow covers (46 cms x 69 cms)

HASHTAG: Something fun for all the millennials out there!
A range with subtle tones that will help you drift into a restful slumber.
Bordered with a neat contrast piping on the pillows, Hashtag offers stylish
patterns and striking signature colors. Finish the look with accent pillows in
varying colors and patterns for added dimension.

SIZE: Fitted sheet (182cms x 198cms) + 2 Pillow covers (46 cms x 69 cms) Beautiful fitted sheets by Portico are also available in Mix it Up, Happiness Is and Blossom in a variety of fantastic enviable prints, patterns and solid colours making them a complete must-have for your bedroom!

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