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We all know that some
people absolutely love the cold during winter although if it gets too cold, it
can get a tad uncomfortable! Also the cold weather generally makes one kind of
lazy isn’t it? I mean most people would like to stay cuddled under their cozy comforters all day long if given a

Therefore…. the
type of comforter you choose to buy
would depend on how warm you would want to be. Obviously if you live in a cold
region, you would benefit from a snug down comforter.

Alternatively, if
you want something light to keep you comfy you can opt for a lightweight cotton

It’s absolutely
necessary to be able to choose the perfect comforter
given there are so many different criteria to choose from.

A few comforter basics, will enable you to
choose the one apt for you:

A comforter is
basically 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with usually down feathers or
synthetic fibre filler. It has comforter fill materialthat falls into two main categories- down and down alternative

Down –being the
superior comforter fill material providing unparalleled warmth.


A point to be
noted here is that many down comforters are not suitable for the washing
machine. Thus, a duvet cover is generally required to keep your down comforter
in top shape!

Down alternative
comforter- is generally filled in cotton, polyester or rayon.

Most of these
comforters are machine washable and therefor easily maintainable. These
comforters are far more affordable and eco friendly options and are also

Its best to buy a
comforter cover so that you can use them for a longer time.

Thread Count: refers to the number of threads contained within a
square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality!

Comforter size available in twin, queen size and king-size comforters. Also available are double and single bed
You could make your pick accordingly!

A few quick tips
on how to create the bed of your dreams
using comforters
and the accessories!

The Mix n Match magic:

Regardless of the
colour scheme in your bedroom, pristine pure white comforters always complement
every bedroom style.

If you prefer a bold
look for your bedroom, make sure your comforter design is more eye catching by
selecting a striking pattern as the focal point. Mixing a variety of patterns
is always a delight to the eye!

Natural and earthy
tones create a relaxing and soothing ambience in the bedroom.

The possibilities
once you decide to mix and match are endless.

Create the Bed of
your dreams with the stupendous collection in stylish cozy comforters by Portico!

They are available
at all leading stores and one could shop for the comforters online too!

Available in an
exclusive range in pastel shades with minimal soft textures is Portico’s
favourite collection Snowflakes.


Go for Buttercup– another popular collection
in cozy comforters by Portico if you would like to splash your bedroom with
fresh colours!

Try out the pure
crisp pristine look for your bedroom with Therapeia-a
beautiful collection of comforters by Portico in pure whites!

Just Us by Portico is a luxury collection of cozy comforters with a
silken touch pampering your every sense whilst ensuring maximum comfort.

Portico showcases Paithani by Neeta Lulla is an exclusive
designer collection exploring the traditional paithani weave of Maharashtra
into a luxurious and elegant comforter range.

Portico offers Cadence and Marvella-two gorgeous collections of cozy comforters in a multitude
of eye-catching patterns and colours.

Hashtag by Portico is a fluffy comforter collection for the youth in bright
and funky colours, sure to add a zing to your bedroom interiors!

Curated and
inspired from exquisite art encompassing embossed texturing and beautiful
colours is Shalimaar by Portico. A
collection that is sure to lend a timeless modern elegance to your bedroom.

Stay Snug, Stay Warm with Portico Comforters.

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