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Nestled between the majestic peaks of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, Georgia is a mosaic of nine unique regions, each with its own climate, cuisine and dialect. The country is dotted with magnificent Orthodox churches that speak of the rich history and cultural heritage of the Georgian people. But the brightest jewel in Georgia’s crown is its winemaking tradition. On a land with a unique terrain, wine has been made for 8,000 years using ancient natural methods and traditional grape varieties. Georgia is the true cradle of winemaking, where every glass of wine is a sip of history.

Traveling to Georgia: A Simple Step to Unforgettable Experiences

To travel to Georgia, you only need a plane ticket and insurance — no visa is required. Awaiting you are majestic Caucasus mountains, abundant sunny days, the sea, and an incredible local cuisine that delights with its rich flavors and fresh ingredients. All of this attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Influence of Foreign Travelers on Coffee Culture

Numerous foreign travelers have breathed new life into the local coffee culture, leading to the emergence of local roasting companies and specialty coffee shops. Now, in Georgia, you can find cafes that serve coffee that meets the highest global standards.

Coffee Gems of Batumi

In the relatively small resort city of Batumi, with a population of about 200,000 people, I discovered five excellent coffee shops. The majority of these coffee bars in Batumi feature interiors that showcase gigantic windows and bright walls—all in the best traditions of Scandinavian industrial minimalism, which is quite uncharacteristic for the colorful and detail-rich Georgian city.

Coffee shop owners in Batumi strive to vary the coffee beans they use for espresso and batch brews. Some purchase their beans from local roasters like Coffeelab and Shavi, and when possible, they also order a variety of intriguing coffees for V60 brewing from Europe. This ensures that different coffee shops around the city offer unique selections, giving coffee enthusiasts a diverse tasting experience across different venues.

Furthermore, in many of these coffee bars, you can enjoy natural wines from small local wineries. The country is home to numerous intriguing small natural wineries, and for many visitors, discovering these wines becomes a real revelation. These small local producers, focusing on natural wines, often operate primarily for export, making tasting them a unique and delightful experience for both locals and tourists alike.

In Georgia, word-of-mouth is incredibly effective: that’s how I discovered most of the coffee shops through recommendations from friends.

Here are five wonderful coffee shops for your next trip to


Best Coffee Shops in to Batumi

Timeless Elegance and Coffee Excellence:

HEDONIST • Coffee & Breakfast

Minimalist Aesthetics Meets Coffee Craftsmanship

MINIMALIST • Coffee, Food & More

Springtime coffee bar with brunch appeal:

NOVA • Specialty Coffee Bar

Where Art and Coffee Converge:

RHINO • Coffee & Bakery

HEDONIST • Coffee & Breakfast

Timeless Elegance and Coffee Excellence

Coffee Shop location: Vahtang Gorgasali, 26, Batumi 6000 Georgia

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Discover Hedonist Coffee & Breakfast, a delightful new cafe in Batumi that opened its doors in February 2024. Located on Vakhtang Gorgosali Street, this charming spot specializes in exceptional coffee roasted by Tbilisi’s finest roasters, complemented by an all-day breakfast menu and a curated selection of wines.

The cafe’s signature lavender cold latte is a must-try, offering a perfect blend of floral notes and creamy coolness that captures the heart. Whether you’re starting your day or looking for a relaxing spot to unwind, Hedonist Coffee & Breakfast provides a welcoming atmosphere with its unique offerings and friendly service. ☕🍳🍷

MINIMALIST • Coffee, Food & More

Minimalist Aesthetics Meets Coffee Craftsmanship

Coffee Shop location: Minimalist, Lermontov 8, Batumi 6100 Georgia

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Nestled in the heart of Batumi, Minimalist is a delightful coffee shop that epitomizes the art of simplicity combined with exceptional flavors. Known for its carefully crafted coffee and a straightforward yet satisfying food menu, this café offers a variety of delightful breakfast options that are perfect for starting your day or enjoying a relaxed afternoon.

PURE • Coffee & Food

Springtime coffee bar with brunch appeal

Coffee Shop location: 8 Lech and Maria Kaczynski Street, Batumi Georgia

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Step into a floral paradise at PURE.COFFEE & FOOD, an enchanting coffee bar that brings the essence of eternal springtime right into the heart of Batumi. The ceiling, beautifully adorned with hanging flowers, creates a magical atmosphere that is both uplifting and inviting.

Located conveniently with views where you might spot airplanes landing in the distance, the coffee bar offers a unique and memorable backdrop for both locals and visitors. The outdoor seating area enhances this experience, allowing you to enjoy your coffee amidst the beauty of nature and the excitement of nearby aerial activity.🌸☕️✈️

NOVA • Specialty Coffee Bar

Stylish specialty haven

Coffee Shop location: Parnavaz Mepe 60, Batumi 6004 Georgia

Instagram Profile

Opened in May 2022 by a Belarusian couple, Nova Coffee Bar quickly established itself as Batumi’s most stylish specialty coffee venue. Located in the city center, just a five-minute walk from Europe Square and two minutes from Batumi Cathedral, Nova Coffee Bar is equipped with cutting-edge Modbar technology, making it a barista’s paradise.

The interior is minimalist yet chic, creating an ideal environment not only for savoring exceptional coffee and snacks but also for working comfortably. It features ample seating, plenty of power outlets, and reliable Wi-Fi, and it welcomes pets, so your furry friends can join you!

Nova Coffee Bar’s extensive coffee menu includes a variety of drinks and alternative brewing methods, served in wine glasses to enhance the sensory experience. The cups and mugs, designed by the renowned huskee brand, are not only visually appealing but also ergonomically made.

They offer coffee made from their own roasted beans as well as those sourced from shavi coffee. You can also purchase beans to enjoy at home.

RHINO • Coffee & Bakery

Where Art and Coffee Converge

Coffee Shop location: 4a Khariton Akhvlediani St, Batumi 6004 Georgia

Instagram Profile

Located in the heart of Batumi, Rhino Coffee opened in 2019 as the city’s pioneer in high-quality coffee. The café offers a diverse array of coffee drinks, signature cocktails, and a selection of local wines. Coffee enthusiasts can also purchase beans from in Tbilisi. Renowned for its delicious breakfasts and exquisite pastries, Rhino Coffee emphasizes social interaction over solitary work; a noticeable no-laptop-allowed sticker greets customers at the entrance, promoting a communal and engaging atmosphere. With its cozy setting and attentive staff, Rhino Coffee promises a unique culinary experience with a rich array of drinks and desserts.

The Future of the Coffee Industry in Georgia

Georgia may not be the largest market, but it is highly active and experiencing a surge in coffee consumption. Historically, Georgians have cherished their coffee traditions, but now, global coffee trends are rapidly influencing local habits. This fusion of international styles with traditional practices is creating a vibrant and evolving coffee culture across the country.

I am optimistic about the future of the specialty coffee industry in Georgia. As this sector continues to expand, I hope that high-quality coffee becomes as ubiquitous in restaurants and hotels as the country’s excellent natural wines. It’s only fitting that alongside Georgia’s renowned wines, visitors and locals alike should have access to coffee that equally matches in quality and flavor, enriching the culinary landscape of this culturally rich nation.

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