Hawaii has officially repealed the ban on the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, and transportation of various knives, including switchblades, butterfly knives (aka balisongs), gravity knives, and more.

This means you can legally own and carry all of these knives in Hawaii. It’s important to note that the ban on concealed carry is still in effect on all of these knives, so make sure to carry them out in the open.

Also, penalties when using these tools as part of a crime have been increased.

You can read the full law HB2342 at the Hawaii government website.

Knife Rights, the knife advocacy organization, has been battling with Gov. Josh Green over the state’s ban on butterfly knives. The organization has argued that the ban is a violation of the Second Amendment. It’s unclear why Gov. Green has preemptively signed this bill into law, but it’s possible he foresaw the loss of the case surrounding butterfly knives.

Here’s what Knife Rights Chairman Doug Ritter said about the new law:

“This is a huge victory for knife owners and knifemakers in Hawaii. Knife Rights is proud to have played a role with our Amicus Brief in the Teter v Lopez appeal which resulted in a huge Second Amendment win for all knife owners and Second Amendment supporters. Credit also to San Diego County Gun Owners Political Action Committee and Firearms Policy Coalition who joined us on that amicus.”

“While Knife Rights welcomes this new law loosening of restrictions on knife possession, it does not finish the job in Hawaii. We still have work to do and look forward to working with our friends to continue the fight until there are no restrictions on carry in Hawaii.”

Knife Rights isn’t done fighting for knife rights in the state, especially with concealed carry being outlawed.