How Our Deputy Editor Plays It Cool

Home Front is a twice-weekly deep dive into the rising—and returning—trends, decor, and teeniest of design details fresh on our radar. Last week, Julie, Domino’s deputy editor, quite literally chilled out.

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This just in: It’s hot outside. Especially in New York City, where sun meets concrete meets humidity meets my entire body feeling like a wet sponge, and not in a good way. (Is there even a good way?) I recently ran a four-mile race in 80-degree weather—do not recommend. I’m no meteorologist, but after living in a heat-baked city for 17 years, I’ve learned a few things about staying (and looking) cool, and thankfully, none of them involve a portable neck fan. 

On Board: Just Play It Cool

My secret to being somewhat comfortable when the mercury rises? Surrounding yourself with icy products—that are still stylish, of course. Cold-plunge pools may be all the rage, but I have yet to find one that I’d actually want in my walk-up apartment. So until then, I’ll be relying on these cooling methods.

Here are 11 ways I stay chill:

  1. Make fun of me all you want, but sitting on a metal chair—I have this iconic chrome one—with the AC blasting is a fast way to chill out. 
  2. My July, an actually stylish window AC unit, recently got a glow-up thanks to Xavier Donnelly, who designed a painterly cover that doubles as wall art. Now I live in the clouds.
  3. There are fancier ice cream makers on the market, but I’ve had this one for nearly a decade and it’s still the best for summertime sorbets and sherbets. (Always keep the bowl in your freezer!)
  4. If there’s a more stylish and hardworking tabletop fan out there, I’m unaware. On my dresser, it’s unobtrusive—and so much chicer than a box version. I also love that it comes with a remote, because I’m not getting up in this heat.
  5. Also in my freezer: cool-girl aesthetician Sofie Pavitt’s Nice Ice pods, which are skin-care–packed cubes you run along your face to soothe inflammation (and recover from a non-AC subway ride). 
  6. For years, this has been my go-to ice tray. It doesn’t just hold ice—I can pop the jewel-shaped cubes into the attached container so that I always have a stash when it’s cocktail o’ clock on my brownstone’s stoop.
  7. When it’s this steamy out, I just want to be Outdoor Voices founder Tyler Haney, diving into my Austin home’s pool (never mind that I can’t dive). 
  8. Cold brew is the only way to go when it’s this warm out, and Explorer makes my favorite concentrate. It doesn’t hurt that the bottle is bar cart–worthy. 
  9. W+P’s new stackable and transparent freezer cubes are perfect for storing fruit, my go-to snack on sweltering days. 
  10. The color of these chambray linen sheets, made from a mix of cotton and linen, reminds me of a pool, so yes, it’s the only bedding I’ll be using in this heat.
  11. I’m just going to say it: Most water pitchers with filters are essentially germ containers. And yet, cold, clean water is all I want in the summertime. Enter the Aarke Purifier pitcher, which has zero plastic and instead of filters relies on refillable granules to clean your H2O. Plus it’s dishwasher-safe.
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