How to remove stains from linen?

Compared with other fabrics, the maintenance of linen is easier than many other materials. It is not difficult to wash linen products because they dry quickly and are durable. Importantly, linen protects you from UV rays. Depending on the composition of the material, structure of the yarn, linen products can shrink from 4% to 7% after washing. In this article, we will discuss and share some tips on looking after your linen fabrics.

Linen products can be washed by hands, in the washing machine (maximum 40°C degrees water temperature for coloured linen fabrics and 60 °C for white linen products) or dry cleaned. Bleaching detergents are suitable for white linen, but you can wash coloured fabrics with mild detergents or soap. Bleaches containing chlorine are not recommended as they can damage the fabric structure. You should rinse your linen products carefully after washing them.

We suggest using dry cleaning for linen curtains and blinds because it helps to protect the fabric from shrinking. If some stains have appeared on the material, you can remove them with a cleaner. However, before washing your linen fabric, you should test the cleaner by pouring it into the invisible side of the material. Let the cleaner absorb, wait for two or three minutes and rinse it. If the cleaner does not affect the linen negatively, you can use it for the whole product.

It is better to dry linen at room temperature. Try not to use dryers as it will be challenging to iron the linen fabrics later. Linen material dries naturally rapidly.We recommend ironing the linen when the cloth is still slightly wet or using steam that protects it from burning. Pure linen fabric is resistant to temperature up to 200 °C.

It does not matter which linen products – linen tablecloths, duvet covers, bed linens, linen sheets, napkins, table linens or runners you will wash, it will not require a lot of effort!

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