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Both Premium and Agdor axe lines are hand-forged in Sweden and crafted using high-quality materials. The distinction between the two lines of axes is in the details.

Premium axes

Crafted for mobility and precision, Hults Bruk premium Swedish axes are small to medium in size, feature a controllable axe head, a thinned handle stamped with the HB logo, and full-sized leather sheath. The factory has completed the final touches and tuning; these axes are razor sharp with a mirror polished edge.

Agdor axes

Suited for heavier tasks, Agdor is one of Hults Bruk’s axe oldest lines. They have thicker handles without the HB logo, a US sourced leather sheath, and feature Yankee and Montreal patterns. With some finishing touches, like extra sharpening and thinning the handle, Agdor axes can become high-performance Swedish axes.

Quick Comparison Chart

Premium Axes Agdor Axes
Price (US) $164 – $459 $114 – $179
Axe models 8 7
User Type Carpentry/Craft + Forestry + Firewood Forestry + Firewood
Patterns Turpentine, Carpenter’s, Akka Hybrid, Splitting, Double Bit Yankee, Montreal, Splitting
Steel Hand-forged Swedish Steel (HB#3) Hand-forged Swedish Steel (HB#3)
Head Finish Black forged Painted Agdor blue
Edge Hand-finished, razor-sharp, polished Sharpened ready to use
Handle American hickory American hickory
Handle Shape Thinned oval, knob swell Thick, rounded
Handle Treatment Linseed oil Linseed oil
Sheath Full-sized, traditional HB leather sheath US leather sheath
Details Handle stamped with HB logo, shipped with a storage box and detailed user’s manual Blank handle, shipped with detailed user’s manual
Warranty Lifetime (50 years) Lifetime (50 years)
Quick Comparison Chart

Axe Patterns

The axe pattern is the most noticeable distinction between Premium and Agdor axes.

The shape of an axe head is referred to as an axe pattern. Though made in Sweden, nearly all Hults Bruk axes are based on North American axe patterns from the late 19th century. During this time axes were developed on a regional scale that often reflected the preferences of local lumberjacks, or specific industries. Evolving slightly over time, axe patterns like the Yankee and Turpentine have been forged at Hults Bruk for over 125 years.

Premium axes feature specialty patterns like the Turpentine, Carpenter’s, and Double Bit. Whereas Agdor axes employ hardworking patterns like the Yankee and Montreal. Both lines include Hults Bruk’s Swedish splitting pattern. All axes produced at Hults Bruk are stamped with the HB marker’s mark, signifying it was made to the highest standards of quality and backed with Hults Bruk’s lifetime warranty.

Premium Axe Patterns

Due to their size, versatility and lower pack weight, the Turpentine, Akka and Carpenter’s style axes are often preferred by outdoors people.

The Turpentine pattern features a narrower blade and a finger notch, allowing the user to comfortably choke up on the handle for finer work. This pattern features rounded lugs that retain the head firmly in place. The head’s curved, narrow bit is combined with a thin blade that cuts deep when felling and provides a curved blade for carving. Turpentine axes are paired exclusively with a curved handle.

The Carpenter’s pattern features a long, flat ground cutting edge for push cuts, and a deeper beard with a large finger groove for precise carving and shaping. Found in the Tibro Carpenter’s axe, this patten excels at precision work, while also being capable of light chopping and splitting.

The Akka is a hybrid pattern. The Akka has a relatively small head compared to the handle length, and the handle is thin as a hatchet. The user can place their hand or hands where it is most suitable, close to the head for precision carving and two handed for felling and splitting. The head has a combination of functions: a finger grove for precision carving, plus a long V-shaped edge and a curved edge radius like a felling axe. The Akka’s blade is thicker than a felling axe in order to perform splitting tasks.

The Sarek is Hults Bruk’s Premium Swedish splitting pattern. This pattern features a rectangular shape with a diamond-shaped bit, and a pronounced spine that runs down the middle of the cheeks. The expanding cheeks help pry the wood apart.

The Motala Double Bit features a Swamping pattern axe head features large curved blades. The double bit was the most popular Hults Bruk axe pattern exported to North America during the Golden Ages of the axe.

Not part of either the Premium or Agdor axe line, the Hults Bruk Avrika 5 Star features a massive 4.5-lb Tasmanian pattern.

Premium Axe Comparison Chart

Model Head Weight Length w/ Handle Total Weight Price Uses
Sarek 3.5-lbs 30-inches 4.5-lbs $184 Medium sized splitting
Kisa 2-lbs 26-inches 2.85-lbs $184 Small felling, bushcraft, camping, trail work
Aneby 2-lbs 20-inches 2.75-lbs $179 Light splitting, bushcraft, camping, trail work
Tibro 1.75-lbs 20-inches 2.75-lbs $184 Carving tasks, chopping and splitting
Akka 1.5-lbs 24-inches 2.2-lbs $184 Small felling and light splitting, bushcraft, carving, camping, trail work
Almike 1-lbs 16-inches 1.75-lbs $169 Kindling, carving, bushcraft, camping, trail work
Jonaker 1-lbs 9.4-inches 1.5-lbs $164 Carving, kindling
Motala 3.75-lbs 30-inches 4.62-lbs $459 Throwing

Agdor Axe Patterns

The Yankee pattern is one of the oldest continually produced patterns at Hults Bruk for good reason. This wedge-shaped profile is an all-around workhorse capable of felling, limbing, and splitting. Featuring a square pole and slightly flared toe and heel, the grind tapers from the cheeks to the edges which aids in freeing the axe from wood.

The Montreal pattern is a classic North American pattern with a long, thin blade profile. Useful for more than just felling trees, the Montreal pattern features wide cheeks for splitting and a sharp edge that makes short work of limbing.

The Agdor 20 Splitting axe features a rectangular shape with a diamond-shaped bit, and a pronounced spine that runs down the middle of the cheeks. The expanding cheeks help pry the wood apart.

Agdor Axe Comparison Chart

Model Head Weight Length w/ Handle Total Weight Price Uses
Agdor 32 Yankee 3.5-lbs 32-inches 5-lbs $144 Heavy work, large felling, splitting
Agdor 32 Montreal 3.5-lbs 32-inches 4.8-lbs $179 Large felling, splitting
Agdor 28 Yankee 2.75-lbs 28-inches 3.4-lbs $134 Truck axe, woodshed tool, medium felling, splitting
Agdor 28 Montreal 2.5-lbs 28-inches 3.8-lbs $144 Truck axe, woodshed tool, medium felling, splitting
Agdor 26 Yankee 2-lbs 26-inches 3.2-lbs $124 Medium felling, splitting
Agdor 20 Splitting 2-lbs 20-inches 3.2-lbs $134 Small splitting, kindling
Agdor 15 Hatchet 1.25-lbs 15-inches 2.2-lbs $114 Kindling, camping, light felling, trail work


Hand-forged, high-quality Swedish steel in combination with Hults Bruk’s hardening process is the brand’s enduring legacy.

All Hults Bruk axes are hand-forged using the highest quality Swedish steel. HB #3 is a steel blend developed by Hults Bruk specifically customized for its axes. Like free form forging, a considerable amount of knowledge and skill is applied to the hardening process. Masters of creating quality axes, Hults Bruk precisely controls the timing and temperature during the hardening process to achieve a Rockwell hardness of +/- 55.


Premium axes are finished by hand at the factory and feature a fine ground edge, razor sharp finish. Ten times more sharpening is performed on a premium axes than an Agdor.

Agdor axes are rough sharpened by hand to a working edge that’s ready to use out of the box. With time, a file and sharpening stone, the high quality Swedish steel can be sharpened to a fine edge.

Head Finish

Premium axes have a distinct black finish from the forging and a clear coating that protects the axe from rust and corrosion. The finish can wear with time and use, and requires oiling.

Agdor axes have been sandblasted and coated in a bright blue paint, easily identified in the field, to protect the steel.

Axe Handles

All Hults Bruk axe handles are made in Sweden using grade A American hickory wood. Each handle is sanded smooth, and treated with boiled linseed oil to help protect the wood.

Premium axe handles have a thinner, more comfortable oval shape. The bottom end, or knob, of the handle swells slightly to catch in the hand for improved grip.

Agdor axe handles are thicker and more rounded than premium handles. The natural material allows the handle to be thinned or shaped by the end user.

Replacement axe handles can be purchased here.

Other Details

Premium axes come with a full-sized, traditional HB leather sheath. The thick leather covers the whole top of the head and features a simple lanyard pull to secure the sheath. Each axe has a storage box and detailed user’s manual.

Agdor axes come with a US sourced sheath and an Agdor booklet.

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