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We’ve broken some of the key components of Damascus’s custom knives to help make informed decisions about our next purchase. With the right information, you can feel confident about your choice, because when you are in the field of deploying a dollar, the last thing you want to worry about is your knife.

Hunting or sport knives are divided into two main parts: a blade and a handle. Each of these pieces contains a number of components.

Knife Specifications

Point: This is the tip of the knife. There are several types, such as the intersection point, both, and the falling point, but the bowel hook is very common in the hunting knife. Its aim is to divide the animal’s skin when it’s struck and dressed in the farm. It is used by dragging it onto the skin and the fascia, and pulling it into a cut. Take a look at our articles about different blades.

Gray: Sometimes called, the ordinary part of the Handmade Damascus Steel Hunting Knife blade where the knife falls to the edge. The higher the angle of the procedure, the clearer the blade will be.

Column: The back of the blade. If you are looking for a big-hunting knife, keep a knife with a sharp thorn.
Coli: Coli is a non-sharpened blade in front of the head. When a complex task is done, it is often used to take the knife. When buying a hunting knife, look at one with a coil close to your fingers.


Reinforcement: The head is a useful aspect of the handle, because it uses precision, preventing fingers from dragging on the blade. It may be optional depending on your convenience.
Fingertip: Describes the style carved in the knife to get better. Like coli, you have to have a hunting knife that has a groove that fits your hand.
Tang: part of the knife in which the blade stops and the handle begins. The power of the hunting knife or exercise in addition to the spine also depends on the spike. The strongest hunting knife has a perfect tin, which means it’s made from a piece of steel that is made from a blade to the bottom of the bunch.
Butt: This is the bottom or end of the knife. In this area, you may have things like collar or handles.

Prevents your fingers from slipping on the blade.

Match yourself to the knowledge and process of purchasing and decide to make you better knives and higher quality.

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