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Being a coffee lover, whenever it comes to an early morning cup of coffee, then it would surely be difficult for you to resist it, let alone skipping it altogether. However, if you are devoted to coffee, then a single cup in an entire day would do no good to you.  To have the taste of this fantastic caffeine after an interval of time, people usually take a kettle filled with coffee to their workplace. But, unfortunately, instead of reaching the mouth, the coffee end up reaching the drain. To put an end to this problem, the invention of a single serve coffee machine has been designed. Apart from giving you an abundance of advantages in your house, this machine can make everyone happy at the office premises as well. Hence, read Keurig K65 Review and know about this beneficent machine.

Keurig K60-K65 Special EditionKeurig K60-K65 Special Edition

If you are looking for a simple yet efficient machine, then you can blindly invest in Keurig K65. Apart from offering an uncomplicated operating process, this device also allows you to brew a cup of coffee in a different manner altogether. If you want to invest in such a coffee making machine that not only offers unmatchable features and functions but also ease of brewing, then this device may serve you every purpose. Read ahead and find out its distinct features.



One of the best features that this coffee machine supports is its programmability. Just around 6 am when you are about to wake up, the water present in the reservoir will heat up to the precise temperature. And, all your job will be is to put the K-cup in the machine and you can enjoy your cup of coffee in no time.

Three cup sizes

Not just one or two but this machine can fill up three different sizes of cups for you, and that is 6, 8, and 10 ounces. So, whether you have a small cup or a big mug, everything gets served efficiently.

Control Panel

The coffee machine supports a blue backlit LCD display where you can get all the adequate information required to know the progress of coffee brewing.

Temperature Control

There is a majority of people who like to sip a hot cup of coffee, on the other hand, there are some such people as well who do not like to drink coffee while it is steaming hot. So, to cater the needs of every type of coffee lover, this machine lets you control the temperature as per your desires.

More than a Coffee Maker

Who does not like to experience several benefits from a single thing? This machine gives you just that. Apart from just serving you like a coffee maker, this machine also permits you to brew tea, iced beverages, and hot cocoa.


Reminder for Replacement

The water filter of every other coffee machine has to get replaced. Similarly, with this machine as well, you would have to replace the water filter after every few months. However, the good thing about this coffee maker is that it reminds you when to replace the filter so that it won’t skip out of your mind.

It’s quiet

What makes it a perfect office coffee machine single serve is its noiseless tendency. While other devices may create a lot of noise, this one is quiet and composed. So, you can smoothly brew a cup of coffee in your house or office, without disturbing others.

Coffee in One Minute

You don’t have to wait any longer to sip your favorite caffeine and give contentment to your taste buds as this machine can prepare a cup for you in less than a minute.


  • The product dimension is 14.9 X 14.2 X 12.2 inches.
  • The weight of the item is 13.3 pounds.
  • The shipping weight is 13.3 pounds.


  • Fast brewing time
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Programmable
  • Keurig coffee makers is a reputable brand


  • K-cups are not recyclable
  • Limited choices for cup sizes
  • Takes longer time to preheat water


If you are a K-cup lover, then this machine is nothing but perfect for you. Whether you are going to invest in a coffee machine for the first time or are looking to upgrade the model of your existing machine, you can always trust this single cup Keurig machine with its features. With the help of temperature control and the programmability, you can operate this machine as per your wishes and desires.

By offering you a broad variety of flavors, this machine serves what it promises. So, this was all about Keurig K65 Review. Weigh up its pros and cons, and then invest your money in this machine.

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