Kohler Is Coming Out with a Fresh Take on the Vessel Sink

The vessel sink might be the most controversial design feature to have ever graced bathrooms: The list of cons is as long as the pros. Situated on top of the counter, rather than sunken into the vanity, it frees up valuable storage space underneath. It’s also the easiest style of sink to install, as it only requires a small hole for the sink drain. On the other hand, it can be super-annoying to clean around the crevices where the bowl meets the counter (Reddit will tell you as much), and it is more prone to cracks by being so exposed. We’ve been torn on the matter, too—that is until we saw the chunky vessel sink artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham created. 

Courtesy of Kohler

For his new bathroom collection for Kohler, out this fall, Arsham drew inspiration from his signature water droplets, chiseled masses, and amorphic forms. The Landshapes collection will feature a hand-carved freestanding tub, a chinoiserie-inspired vanity, wavy mirrors, and more. But we can’t stop thinking about the elevated sink that looks like a pebble plucked from a lake. 

bathroom with sculptural sconces and sink
Courtesy of Kohler

The design is based on a previous special-edition sink Arsham designed with Kohler back in 2021, dubbed Rock.01. But that drop was a capsule assortment and only featured 99 pieces, each one crafted through a 3D ceramic printing process. This upcoming sink design, which can currently be seen at Kohler’s private luxury guest cabin on Lake Michigan, features a more simplified silhouette but still has the same soft, asymmetrical curves and deep basin. 

While even Arsham’s vessel sink might not be a fit for a bathroom you use every single day (re: the pain of cleaning around the edges), it would make a strong statement in a powder room. The fact that it doesn’t look like a giant cereal bowl will blow guests away.

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