Minimalist LED Lighting Ideas That Make Your Spaces Shine

Today’s LED lighting products are at the forefront of home lighting design and enhance your interior’s beauty when used appropriately. Working with a Rensen House of Lights lighting consultant to create the perfect LED lighting design for your home or office is a great way to maximize your investment. The following are some of the most popular ideas for minimalist LED lighting in Overland Park homes and throughout Kansas City.


LED Backlit Bathroom Mirrors, Sconces, and Vanity Under-Cabinet Lighting


Wish your bathroom had better lighting? Installing an integrated LED backlit mirror provides an instant update while also improving your bathroom’s overall lighting. Modern LED wall sconces placed on either side of an existing mirror and LED tape lighting installed under a bathroom vanity cabinet are simple upgrades that are both functional and beautiful.


LED Picture and Bedside Wall Lights


If you have beautiful artwork, photographs, or wall décor, you can enhance their beauty with the right LED picture light. Rensen House of Lights represents WAC LED picture lights, which provide a minimalist LED lighting design while providing illumination without harmful infrared or ultraviolet rays. LED picture lights can illuminate framed artwork and tapestries or be mounted above cabinets and bookshelves to cast light on libraries and objets d’art.


Bedside LED lights can create symmetry in your bedroom while also providing task lighting for reading. For a true minimalist LED lighting application, add discreet recessed headboard lights.


Glowing Kitchen Cabinets, Pantries, Office Work Areas, and More


Our selection of WAC LED task lighting is perfect for illuminating kitchen counters, pantries, closets, or office work areas where quality LED lighting is necessary for performing visually challenging tasks. Minimalist LED task lighting products include button lights, tape lighting, and many forms of LED linear pendant lighting.

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