MOPALL Small Bathroom Trash Cans with Lids,Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash

MOPALL Small Bathroom Trash Cans with Lids, Motion Sensor Bathroom Trash Can, Narrow Waterproof Plastic 3.5 Gallon Automatic Adsorption Touchless Garbage Can…

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About this item

  • 🥇【Automatic Adsorption Sensor Trash Can 】🥇Close the lid of the bathroom garbage can and go through the air outlet and air inlet. The inside of the trash can becomes a vacuum, and the trash bag will stick tightly to the trash can wall.let you stay away from the trouble of the trash can taking up too much space by air.Having to change bags often is also a hassle, but this automatic cans vacuum makes it super quick.
  • 😉【Perfect Size Bathroom Garbage Can With a Lid 】😉It’s 3.5 Gallon, 11.4 inch length * 6.29 inch width * 13.1 inch height. With a full family in the house, or even just occasional guests using your main bathroom, it’s stressful for them and you to have your trash sitting in the open. Stuff like teeth floss, sanitary pads, etc. are unsightly at worst, and hazardous at best, so keeping a covered can is itself important – not to mention if you have pets that are attracted to the stuff.
  • 🌎【Upgrade Motion Sensor Trash Can System】🌎The motion sensing system can be used for at least 6 years. This slim bathroom trash can Internal use of upgraded smart chips to maintain high efficiency and long battery life. It picks up motion very easily. The induction trash can lid uses air damping technology to open and close slowly and silently. advanced IPX5 waterproof technology prevents water or humid environment from damaging the unit. Leaving none water stain on surface after rinse.
  • 😉【More Hygienic & Really Blocks Smells】😉It has a venting system to help with keeping odors in. Definitely recommend this to anyone who has a sensitive nose or needs discretion in their bathroom trash – or just wants some neat clean tech!Compared to many trash cans with pedal lids, it’s absolutely perfect for kids who love motion sensors and really pay attention and take the time to make sure their trash goes in the trash, which is great.
  • 🏘️【Easy to Clean & More Durable】🏘️ – The trash can is made of new ABS material and very easy to wipe down to clean. This would work in the office too, or if you want a smaller bin in the kitchen, but definitely office living room anywhere you want a smaller bin, this is even perfect for your bedroom.
  • 🔔【Important Note】🔔Please install 4 AA batteries before using this automatic trash can. Packaging does not includes shown in the picture, please pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery, and open follow the steps to put on the garbage bag to ensure the bin works properly. We have included some trash bags for its use. we recommend around 4 Gallon garbage bags.

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