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While the sun provides your home and outdoor living spaces with beautiful natural light, it is a worthwhile investment to add LED lighting for outdoor aesthetics, entertaining, and security. Rensen House of Lights has the perfect products and expertise to achieve well-designed exterior lighting in Overland Park and the greater Kansas City area. Below are practical ideas for illuminating and enhancing your outdoor spaces.


LED String Lights for Pergolas and Gazebos


Whether you’re enjoying private time or entertaining friends, your pergola or gazebo is a natural place to relax as the sun goes down. Make this special space even more beautiful with LED string lights for ambiance and accent lighting. Depending on the size and wattage of the bulbs, you can use LED string lights alone or as a complement to your main exterior lighting.


Lighting Your Walkways and Outdoor Living Spaces


Illuminating walkways and garden paths is one of the most popular outdoor lighting upgrades for Kansas City and Overland Park homeowners. Well-placed WAC LED area and path lights help you and your guests navigate walkways safely at night. Furthermore, LED outdoor landscape lighting can highlight special features of your yard, including fountains, sculptures, and specimen trees. There’s also the added bonus of improving your property’s curb appeal at night!


Welcoming Outdoor Lanterns, Outdoor Chandeliers, and Motion Detector LED Flood Lights


There are several practical lighting solutions Rensen House of Lights suggests to enhance your home’s exterior while improving security for your home. Decorative LED outdoor lanterns at your doorways and by your garage add beauty at night but also serve as extra security for your home’s entry points. Motion Detector LED flood lights positioned in the back and side yards can provide additional security lighting. Decorative outdoor chandeliers and pendants installed over patio seating and dining areas expand your living space and bring the indoors outside.

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