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The karambit knife is a unique style of spring assisted folding pocket knife. Karambit knives typically feature a hawkbill claw blade, and a curved aluminum handle, providing the user a comfortable grip. Additionally, another unique aspect of karambit knives are the finger grooved ring hole designed within the handle of the knife, which allows the user increased maneuverability when using a karambit pocket knife. This is why this knife is popular amongst martial artists. 

Moreover, karambit knives are greatly used for tactical and self defense situations. The curved blade allows for the user to hold the blade against the throat of the attacker, as the blade contours around the neck. However, unlike most spring assisted pocket knife, the karambit knife takes practice and skill to get a hang off, but once this knife is mastered, it is one of the most effective pocket knives to have. 

Our karambit knives for sale come from a variety of manufacturers and companies, including Dark Side Blades, Z-Hunter, Tac Force, Master USA, MTech USA, and Elk Ridge. With this large selection, you can find tactical karambit knives and fantasy karambit knives. Here are some of our best Tac Force karambit pocket knives for sale. 

1) Tac Force Tactical Black / Red Karambit Knife

This Tac Force tactical karambit spring assisted pocket knife is at the top of our list. This karambit knife is one of our best sellers, and for good reason. The immediate element that stands out for this knife is the design. The simplistic style of this knife works nicely, as the metallic black contrasts perfectly with the red highlights. The drilled holes integrated within the comfortable aluminum handle provide a nice aesthetic, and the finger hole at the end of the handle complements the design and adds functionality. 

This knife features a hawkbill claw blade, which is great for making clean and accurate curved cuts. The front edge of the stainless steel blade is plain, making this knife easy to sharpen. The one down side with a plain only blade is the inability, or increased difficulty, for cutting through tougher materials, such as zip ties and plastic. Additionally, the blade has a “Tac Force” logo imprint, which makes for a nice addition to the unique design. 

The handle of this knife is made from aluminum material. Thus, the knife is very durable, provides an excellent and comfortable grip, and will last a significantly long time. However, the knife may get a bit slippery in wet and inclement conditions. 


Overall Length: 7.75″

Blade Length: 3.25″

Handle Length: 4.5″

Accessories: Finger hole, belt clip

2) 8″ Tac Force Gold Flames & Skull Fantasy Karambit Knife

best Tac Force karambit pocket knives for sale

This Tac Force fantasy karambit pocket knife is one of our most popular karambit knives for sale. This karambit knife is for individuals seeking a more expressive and inclusive design, rather than the simplistic design of the karambit knife mentioned above. 

This fantasy karambit knife has many features and symbols, giving this knife a unique look and design. Firstly, the blade highlights multiple biohazard symbols, which portrays a zombie theme. Additionally, the handle highlights a flame design with a silver flaming skull. To draw even more attention to this knife, the designs and symbols are golden colored. 

This knife’s blade is made from stainless steel as well, and incorporates a hawkbill claw blade similar to all karambit pocket knives. The anodized aluminum handle is hand contoured, which increases the users comfort and grip on the handle during use. The knife also comes with a finger hole at the back end of the handle for increased movements. 


Overall Length: 8″

Blade Length: 3″

Handle Length: 5″

Accessories: Pocket clip, finger hole

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