The Best Elk Ridge Knives For Sale

Elk Ridge knives are considered all purpose outdoor hunting and camping knives. These knives are highly versatile, and are constructed to complete both indoor and outdoor tasks, such as skinning game, slicing fruit, cutting boxes, etc. 

Additionally, Elk Ridge knives span a variety of configurations, including fixed blade survival hunting knives, machetes, axes, multitools, gut hook skinning knives, fishing fillet knives, and portable pocket knives. Each variation is made to perform certain tasks more efficiently and effectively. 

Furthermore, these knives are primarily made from affordable, yet durable materials. These materials include pakkawood, simulated bone, injection mold, and rubber to name a few. Also, these knives have handles which accentuate the outdoor settings, such as wood, forest, jungle, and orange camouflage. 

In addition to their versatility, Elk Ridge knives are highly functional due to their incorporation of many practical accessories. These include lanyards, sheaths, camping gear, and other practical tools. 

One of the main selling points of Elk Ridge knives is their ability to ensure affordability without compromising on reliability. These knives are manufactured with affordable materials to make them cheaper relative to other hunting knives on the market. For instance, many Elk Ridge knives are made with sturdy 3CR13 steel or sharp stainless steel blades, which ensures you are able to effectively complete essential outdoor tasks without having to pay for expensive materials.

There are many Elk Ridge knives available on the market. Here, we have consolidated important aspects – including style, functionality, versatility, durability, and price – to present our best Elk Ridge knives for sale.

1) 21.5″ Elk Ridge Injection Molded Sawback Machete (ER-921)

This Elk Ridge machete is the perfect tool to carry with you during outdoor camping and hunting trips. This machete is very heavy duty and highly functional. It features a sharp 3CR13 steel sawback blade – perfect for slicing through tall grass and cutting wood. The orange and black injection molded handle provides a secure and comfortable grip during any weather conditions, and is very durable. This machete also comes with accessories – including a paracord lanyard and nylon sheath.

2) 12.5″ Elk Ridge Full Tang Bone Fishing Fillet Knife


This Elk Ridge fishing fillet knife is a convenient knife to carry with you on fishing trips. This fillet knife features a very sharp stainless steel blade – perfect for making clean and accurate fish meat slices. Additionally, the blade is a full tang, meaning the blade runs through the entire length of the handle. This ensures the blade remains sturdy during high pressure tasks, and does not break off from the hilt.

The most special aspect of this knife is the bone handle, which is highly durable and provides a great aesthetic look. However there are some tradeoffs with this selection – as although the handle provides a secure grip, it may be compromised during wet conditions. Additionally, bone is more likely to degrade over time, and requires more upkeep compared to injection molded, rubber, and aluminum handles. However, this does not take away from the overall functionality of this fishing fillet knife. In our experience, it is one of the most reliable fillet knives we’ve ever used.

3) Elk Ridge Gut Hook Skinning Knife Set

Elk Ridge Gut Hook Knife Set

This Elk Ridge gut hook knife set is very useful to bring on hunting trips. This Elk Ridge knives set features a gut hook knife and a standard fixed blade knife. The gut hook knife implements a hook, which is specifically designed to open the abdomen of hunted game, such as deer, without cutting through the muscle and damaging the meat. After opening the belly, the front edge is used to for field dressing the animal (i.e. removing internal organs to preserve the meat). The second fixed blade knife is great for making miscellaneous cuts and slices. 

Both knives are made with sharp stainless steel blades. This is advantageous as stainless steel is easy to resharpen using a grinding or sharpening stone. Additionally, both knives are made with nylon fiber handles – which provide a secure grip under any condition without maintenance. The handles also highlight an artistic jungle camouflage design.  

4) 14″ Elk Ridge Hunting Bowie Survival Knife


This Elk Ridge hunting bowie knife is a nice all around outdoor knife to have. This hunting bowie knife features a strong 3CR13 steel mirror polished blade – which looks great and gets the job done. The knife feels very heavy duty and is highly versatile – capable of cutting through an assortment of rough and fragile materials. 

The polished pakkawood contoured handle provides a comfortable grip and sleek look. The knife also comes with a leather sheath which helps with blade protection, accessibility, and portability. 

5) 8.25″ Elk Ridge Bone Handle Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife


This Elk Ridge bone handle spring assisted pocket knife is a very portable hunting knife. Featuring a heavy duty stainless steel blade, this folding pocket knife is highly versatile – and is perfect for both push and pull cutting, carving, skinning, and much more. The handle is made with simulated bone, which provides the added strength of bone material without the required maintenance. 

This pocket knife also implements a spring assisted mechanism, enabling the knife to open in a matter of seconds. By simply applying gentle pressure on the thumb stud or flipper, the spring assist takes over and swings the blade open from the side. Additionally, the liner locking mechanism prevents the blade from opening without proper activation. 

Elk Ridge pocket knives emphasize portability and accessibility. However, although they will generally last a long time, they are not as reliable as fixed blade knives. Spring assisted pocket knives are far more intricate compared to fixed blade knives, and thus have more moving parts – making it more susceptible to mechanically failing when placed under severe pressure. Therefore, it is recommended to carry both a fixed blade knife and spring assisted pocket knife simultaneously. 

6) Elk Ridge Camping Multitool Pocket Knife

Elk Ridge Camping Multitool Pocket Knife

This Elk Ridge camping multitool pocket knife is a great tool to carry. This pocket knife integrates a clip point stainless steel blade, spoon, and fork. The added tools makes this knife highly versatile and functional. Additionally, the handle is made from a combination of wood and stainless steel. 

7) Elk Ridge Frontier Imperial Knife

Elk Ridge Frontier Imperial Knife ER-953DAB


Elk Ridge imperial knives are sturdy manual folding pocket knives designed to perform various tasks. This Elk Ridge frontier imperial knife features three rigid stockman steel blades, perfect for making precise and accurate cuts. The pakkawood abalone shell handle with nickel silver bolster and turquoise accent looks great and provides a secure grip. 

8) Elk Ridge Throwing Tomahawk Axe

Elk Ridge Throwing Tomahawk Axe

This Elk Ridge throwing tomahawk axe is a very portable and functional axe. This throwing axe features a thick 3CR13 steel blade – built to withstand high stress and pressure. The injection molded handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring each cut or throw is very precise. This axe can be used effectively for many tasks – such as chopping wood, cutting meat, and target practice. 

9) Elk Ridge 9 Piece Ultimate Hunting Knife Set 

Elk Ridge 9 Piece Hunting Knife Set For Sale (ER-190)

Elk Ridge are famous for their knife sets, and for good reason. Their knife sets include the most important knife types required to complete any outdoor camping or hunting task. Each set features a knife which can perform many of the tasks presented in this article – including skinning, filleting, gut hook, etc.

This Elk Ridge hunting knife set features a butcher knife, boning knife, gut hook knife, caper knife, and saw. The set also comes with a variety of helpful accessories, including a sharpening rod, shears, cutting board, and storage case. 

From our experience, Elk Ridge knife sets are all encompassing and amazing deals!

If you are looking to purchase Elk Ridge knives, browse our large selection at Frontier Blades. 

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