The Trika 6X Fishing Rod, Tested and Reviewed

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When it comes to premium fishing rods, brands like Shimano, G-Loomis, and St. Croix dominate the market. It isn’t surprising, considering that these legacy names have made field-proven gear for decades. And while I fish an array of models from top manufacturers, I am always on the lookout for newcomers who might bring something different to the table. My most recent discovery—Trika.

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard of Trika since they’ve only been around for a few years. I never heard of them before this spring when I got their flagship spinning rod—the 6X—in the mail. Trika boasts that their performance rods are significantly lighter, more sensitive, and offer greater casting distance than many competitors. Being the gear junkie that I am, it caught my attention. A couple weeks after discovering them, I had the Trika 6X rod in my hands for testing in both fresh and saltwater environments. Here’s how it performed.

Trika features two lines of spinning and casting rods—the 3X and the 6X. Trika

What Is Trika?

Founded in 2020, Trika manufactures multiple lines of performance spinning and casting rods. Everything is sold directly to consumers in an effort to cut costs and deliver the best rods possible. Their lineup consists of two rod models: the 3X, an entry-level rod, and the 6X, a performance-driven line. For the purpose of this review, I focused on the 6X. Trika claims the technologies in this series result in twice the sensitivity, 27 percent further casting distance, and a 7 percent weight reduction from industry standards. The rod also features carbon weave grips, premium guides, and a locking reel seat. I set out to see how it holds up in both fresh and saltwater.


  • Rod Type: Spinning Rod
  • Length: 7-foot 6 inches
  • Power: Medium
  • Action: Fast


  • Extremely sensitive
  • Light and comfortable in hand
  • Capable of making pinpoint casts
  • DTC platform keeps prices down


  • Carbon grip may not be for anglers who prefer traditional cork

Looks and Features

Starting with the basics, this rod takes on a modern look. It features a carbon weave grip running down the length of the rod butt. An orange accent ring and muted black blank tie the package together. While certainly not traditional, I like the look of this rod. It pops without being overbearing, but it might not be for everyone. The 6X also includes a full carbon construction, including the blank, reel seat, foregrip, and handle. The only parts on the rod that aren’t carbon fiber are the guides, which are titanium for improved durability.

Trika rods offer a good combination of power and sensitivity for inshore species.
Trika rods offer a good combination of power and sensitivity for inshore species. Trika

On the Water Testing

Trika makes some bold claims about its rod technology, including casting 27 percent further, having twice the sensitivity, and weighing, on average, 7 percent lighter than its competitors. I opted for the 7-foot 6-inch medium 6X spinning rod. This gave me the versatility to tackle both freshwater and saltwater fisheries with one rod, and that’s exactly what I did. For the past month, the 6X has been my go-to rod in South Florida, targeting bass, snakeheads, snook, and more. I’ve fished in all conditions, including gusting winds and pouring rains, making countless casts to see what the Trika 6X could and couldn’t handle.

Casting Ability

The first thing I evaluated was the rod’s casting ability. Trika advertises that their weave technology reduces the rod’s blank recoil and oscillation for a longer cast. I put this to the test in a 15 mph headwind. Cast after cast, the 6X punched through the wind, giving me the extra few feet I needed. While you may not feel the weave technology in the rod, it’s noticeable when it comes to how far you can throw a lure. It didn’t matter the weight of the bait, either. I hit my target with every cast.

What’s equally impressive is this rod’s accuracy. Fishing for snakeheads can be surprisingly technical. Fish are aggressive, but they love thick cover and hard-to-reach places. The 6X was more than up to the challenge—slinging darts wherever I pointed the rod. The cast is straight and accurate, landing within inches of the bank on command.


Premium rods usually have excellent sensitivity and excel at fishing subsurface finesse-style baits. Trika’s 6X full-length carbon weave handle increases feel for these exact situations. On the water, this was immediately noticeable. I could distinguish between subsurface vegetation, submerged structure, and the lightest strikes from fish. This is partially due to the carbon grip and partially due to the handle design. The rod blank actually stops partially down the handle, leaving a hollow space that amplifies vibrations. Paired with a light braid, the amount of feedback is impressive.

Despite being sensitive, this rod does not lack power. In my testing, I hooked several snakeheads nearing 8 pounds. These fish have a reputation for making quick but powerful runs, rolling, and making last-minute dives under the boat. The Trika combines a powerful butt section with a soft tip to fight and control big fish. The tip section protects your line from short, unexpected runs, while the butt has ample lifting power to tire fish quickly.

Anglers who fish finesse-style baits will love the carbon grip and handle design for increased sensitivity.
Anglers who fish finesse-style baits will love the carbon grip and handle design for increased sensitivity. Trika


The 7-foot 6-inch model I tested is Trika’s largest spinning rod and still weighs only 3.9 ounces. Again, this is thanks to the full carbon construction. While this rod falls into the feather-light category, make no mistake: the versatility is there. I threw everything from small finesse plastics to chatterbaits with ease. In every application, the rod was equally sensitive and capable of throwing baits all day long. The performance-to-weight ratio was impressive.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been fishing the 6X for the past two months, and the results have been impressive. It can fire casts at a distance, has pinpoint accuracy, is uber-sensitive, and is surprisingly lightweight. In other words, the Trika 6X is an all-around workhorse. While the 6X isn’t a budget rod (it retails for $300), it holds its own in the premium performance category.

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