TOP 5 trending linen bedding colours in 2022

Many trends of linen bedding are emerging this year, but the significant emphasis is on sustainability and individuality as well as the method of Mix &Match. The essence of Mix & Match is to combine monochrome shades with colourful patterns and create a synergy in your bedroom. In addition, rich colours such as burgundy and emerald are on top. Let’s discuss each of the trending colours.


White linen bedding is always fashionable because it is a timeless classic offering a casual vibe. White is perfect for summer style and mixed with other shades, such as green or grey, will create a sense of uniqueness and cosiness.

Dark blue

Navy or dark blue is the trending colour for any season. However, it suits better for the winter and might help establish a farmhouse style. All shades of blue are a bestseller.


Deep purple or burgundy brings luxury to your bedroom, and it will help you calm down, relax, and get a decent night’s sleep—pair burgundy with brighter colours to create exceptional bedroom décor. As Pantone has announced, deep purple is the most fashionable colour of 2022.

Olive green or Emerald green

 Olive green is the ideal choice for the fall. It looks casual yet sophisticated. Another choice of green shade is emerald. Emerald differs from other colours because you can combine it with many different shades. Emerald looks great with beige, rose, white, lime green or yellow-green colours.


 Grey is a modern, gender-neutral and prevalent colour in linen bedding. Grey was announced the colour of the year in 2021 by Pantone. But don’t worry, this colour’s popularity is not fading away this year either.

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