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By Zach Williams

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Over the last few weeks I’ve created several articles all about the blogs DIY Consumers love and why home industry brands should be following them. Checkout the previous posts here:

As our blogs to follow series draws to a close, this week I will focus on home decor. The finesse of interior design is closely linked to all things home improvement. When consumers update any part of their home, it can be like an expensive game of “If you give a mouse a cookie.” If they get a new sink or countertop, suddenly the canisters and dish towels that normally accent their kitchen look a little drab. If they get new hardwood floors, their old bedspread is no longer sufficient. The list goes on and on.

Brands can bring real value to the DIY Consumer’s experience by being able to offer styling and decor advice along with their product purchases. I’ve listed several blogs below that brands can follow for decor tips. Brands may also want to encourage their consumers to check out these blogs to help them in their DIY decision making

1. SF Girl By Bay


According to their site, SF Girl By Bay is one of the West Coast’s leading interior design blogs. The posts offer readers breezy, modern designs with a bohemian / surfer / hippie-chic flair. 

If your clients are wanting to try something new, check out the Inspiring Interiors section for risky but stunning interior design ideas. This blog is best for brands whose products fit into the industrial-chic genre. If your company produces repurposed hardwood floors or recycled glass countertops, this blog will be a home run for you and your consumers.

2. The Beat That My Heart Skipped


This blog is stocked with resources that your female DIYers will love. The author supplies plenty of party decorating ideas, trendy products like these Xenia Mugs, as well as inspiring interior decors. Posts on this blog will appeal to your clients with a love for trendy, whimsical trinkets and hipster / retro decor. 

Use posts from this blog in conjunction with your products to show potential clients and faithful followers how your products hold up in the modern DIYer’s house. Get inspiration to decorate a portion of your showroom like one of the featured interiors, or use Instagram to share your own interior decorating whimsy. As I’ve said a hundred times on this blog, DIYers love a brand that feels like it’s run by humans.

3. Rue Mag: Design & Inspiration


You consumers trust you because you’re en expert. At the Rue Mag interior design blog, you’re putting your trust in experts as well. A great perk of this blog is that interior designs aren’t limited to homes, but office spaces are often featured, which will resonate with lots of your young-professional DIYers.

4. Apartment Therapy


Apartment Therapy is a well known home-style blog, and for good reason. Interior designer Maxwell Ryan and his brother launched the blog in 2004, and it’s been making waves in the interior design world ever since. 

The blog is filled with tips for risk-taker trends and modern upgrades. There is truly something for everyone on this nationally renowned blog. This would be a great place to get timid consumers started thinking outside of their standard design box.

5. Remodelista


The Remodelista blog is the sister blog of Gardenista, which was featured in the Garden blogs to follow post. The blog is stocked with everything from ultra-modern looks to copycat decor from high-end designers. Much like Apartment Therapy, Remodelista has something of a following, and therefore, something for everyone. 

If your consumers are stuck in a decor rut, click through Remodelista with them to get their creative design juices flowing. Use the blog as a tool to expand your interior design horizons. Consumers will be thankful for the fresh insight, and you will be building brand loyalty and creating a customer for life.

Bonus Blogs

Here are a few more interior design blogs that you may want to check out:

  1. Design to Inspire
  2. Centsational Girl
  3. Copycat Chic
  4. Lay Baby Lay
  5. Elle Decor


Following blogs and joining in on the comments are a great way to interact with consumers and fellow industry professionals outside of the social media space. Use these blogs as a tool to bring value to client consultations and to beef up your Twitter feed with more than just product and self-marketing posts.

What interior design blogs do you love?

Zach Williams is the Founder and Creative Director for Venveo, a digital marketing agency. Zach has logged countless hours creating strategies and developing brand loyalty for Home Improvement brands. Follow him on
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