Top Kitchen Blogs Home Improvement Brands Should Be Following

By Zach Williams

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Following blogs that your consumers will love follows the same logic that being on social media follows: you want to be where your consumers are. And building brand loyalty requires more than just putting out good products. DIYers want brands to educate them on their industry, not just market to them. Following and sharing from some of the industry’s top blogs is a great way to build relationships with not only the bloggers, but also your consumers.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting a series of articles that include the top blogs from different areas in the Home Improvement Industry that brands should be following and sharing with their consumers.

This week we’re looking at bloggers who write about all things kitchen, including designs, trends, technology and cooking. It’s important to remember to meet the consumer on their level. So when it comes to kitchen blogs, don’t just share about new designs and decor trends because consumers are less likely to engage with those topics in an on going basis. Keep them interested by also posting articles about quick updates, small touches and even recipes and cooking tips. You want to give consumers a reason to always follow your posts, not just when they need a new kitchen. Want to know more about the Home Improvement Industry and brand loyalty?

1. Kitchen Designs Blog

(Link to blog)

If you ask me, the blog by Kitchen Designs is a must-follow for kitchen and bath professionals. Since the blog is by a kitchen professional, it is therefore perfectly positioned to appeal to consumers and fellow professionals alike.

Their posts include everything from kitchen trends to innovative technology (including this coffee spout controlled by your phone. Talk about innovation.) to budgeting tips and even books to read for those considering a kitchen renovation.

Kitchen professionals will find more than just information to share with their consumers. The Kitchen Design Blog will help keep them up-to-date on what’s happening in their industry. 

2. Retro Renovation

(Link to blog)

The Retro Renovations blog is certainly unique. Author Pam Kueber is a retro-kitchen-owner who is sharing her restoration knowledge with the world. Her blog helps owners of mid-century homes who want to find the balance between honoring the era and bringing it into the 21st Century, or who want to highlight the 70s and ignore the 21st Century altogether.

If your consumers are looking to update their mid-century kitchen or bath without losing the original style, this is the blog for you. Mid-century homes are fairly common in the states. And owners tend to love or hate the style. Recent trends even show that mid-century style is making a come back, so bookmark this blog now to stay on top of a blossoming trend while bringing a retro flair to your client’s newsfeed.

3. The Home Design Lover Kitchen Blog

(Link to blog)

The Home Design Lover is a great blog for all things home desisng. Their kitchen blog is perfect for the kitchen professional who has been in the business a long time and needs a fresh look on kitchen design trends.

List posts in this blog include inspiration for kitchens of all shapes, sizes, budgets, colors and eras. Here are just a few unique posts to get you thinking out of the box:

4. The Trendir Kitchen Blog

(Link to blog)

If you have modern clients with ultra-modern taste, then this is the blog for you. Trendir offers some of the most unique posts in the kitchen blog world.

Take a look at a few of the kitchen examples included in their kitchen post archives section:

Futuristic Extractor Hood Mammut for Mina Kitchen by Minacciolo

Sculptural Kitchen Island Worktop by Snaidero and Pininfarina

Kitchen Oak Basin Tinozza by Minacciolo

5. Thekitchn

(Link to blog)

With 11 million monthly readers, Thekitchn is most likely already popular with your target consumers. So why follow a blog they already know about? Well, consumers like to see that they share mutual interests with the brands they buy from, and this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate just that.

Thekitchn posts about recipes, tips, kitchen tours and trends. Their posts are the perfect way to continue to foster a relationship with your consumers long after their kitchen project with you is complete. Additionally, by sharing interesting articles from Thekitchen’s blog, you are telling future consumers that you have a shared interest with them, so when they’re ready to start a kitchen project, you will be on the top of their mind.

6. Simplified Bee Kitchen Blog

(Link to blog)

Simplified Bee is run by interior designer Cristin Brisbee Priest. Cristin’s blog is a fan favorite amongst DIYers, and is another great resource for Home Improvement professionals.

One thing that sets Cristin apart for the industry professional is her offer to include sponsored content. Currently on her kitchen blog is an article sponsored by Wood-Mode Cabinetry that shows the cabinets in all their glory. If your company doesn’t have a blog, or even if you do, being featured on the Simple Bee would be an excellent way to increase your reach and hopefully introduce your brand to new consumers.

A quick note about Cristin’s sponsored content articles. First, there is no shame in sponsoring content like this. In fact, I think it’s a great idea and certainly a step above a standard ad. However, the Simple Bee has a strong reputation amongst professionals and consumers, so they are not going to feature just any product, which gives their current feature articles all the more power. Cristin and her team must believe in your product and genuinely want to promote it to their readers in order for it to featured, which again makes the feature article a step above your standard ad.

7. Copy Cat Chic Blog

(Link to blog)

Help your clients get the decor of their dreams without breaking the bank. Copy Cat Chic’s posts compare designer products and their copycat versions that are often a startling difference.

Consumers will love you for posting these tips because it shows them that you’re not just in it for the money. Help them save on the mirror they’re dying for and the coffee table they can’t afford and they may be more willing to splurge on the sink or countertops you say are really worth the splurge.

What do you think?

 We know this list is now exhaustive, so what blogs did we miss that you love? What blogs do you follow religiously? How do you show consumers that you’re more than just a product and a marketing plan? 

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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