Night Light Nirvana: Lighting Solutions for Deeper Sleep

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Thousands of years of evolution programmed us to sleep when it was dark out and be awake when it is light. The advent of electricity and the invention of bulbs means that we can stay up all hours. The adverse effect of constant lighting is that our bodies become confused about when we should sleep.

To get a more restful slumber, consider adding warm LED lighting. In Kansas City, KS, you can choose from multiple designs and styles at Rensen House of Lights that match your interior décor while providing a soothing ambiance that promotes good sleep patterns.

Keep Blue Out of the Bedroom

Since light has different wavelengths and frequencies with correlating colors on a spectrum, you can adjust the LED lighting in your home to optimize the benefits. While cool, blue bulbs are perfect for task lighting, they can disrupt your circadian rhythm and may negatively affect melatonin production, preventing you from falling asleep quickly and easily.

Warm Tones Promote Sleep

Choose warmly toned LED lights for your bedroom, so your body has a chance to prepare for nighttime. Look for Kelvin ratings under 5000K on the bulb packaging to ensure you are getting a product within the lower light spectrum. Also, avoid watching TV, looking at your phone, or computer just before bed, as the blue light from the screens is known to disrupt sleep patterns.

Once you switch to warm tones, you might find yourself in dreamland before you know it.


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