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This chihuahua may be small, but it’s pretty damned fearless. In late May, a TikTok user in Alaska posted a video showing her purse-sized dog barking at a cow moose in the street. “And, of course, it’s the 6-pound chihuahua that’s making poor choices,” the dog’s owner wrote in the video description.

The cow moose charged right up to the chihuahua, which was thankfully behind a fence—though the big moose could have conceivably blown through the barrier without much difficulty. Regardless, the chihuahua held its ground, and the moose relented and began grazing on the lawn near the angry pooch.

Soon following the initial video, the dog’s owner posted a second video, showing the cow moose with a small calf. “This is why Mamma was so protective against the chihuahua,” she wrote.

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, moose are considered the largest member of the deer family. In Alaska, adult moose range from 800 to 1,600 pounds. Cow moose are known to be aggressive when defending their young, which appears to be the reason why the moose in this video took offense at the small dog.

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While the recent video is pretty impressive, it’s far from the first time Man’s Best Friend has stood its ground against wildlife in peoples’ yards. Here are three other videos of dogs—and their owners—facing off with neighborhood critters.

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