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Early December Dinners

Hi friends! I’m typing this from a hotel room in NYC. It was a festive and quick weekend catching up with family and soaking up the city. I hit the ground running on Monday with a holiday pop-up at Mont Art House, if you’re in Houston try to stop by the gallery from 10-1! There will be a ton of great vendors! I’m starting my dinner plan on Monday instead of Sunday this week because I get home late tonight!


I’m in the mood for a comforting soup for dinner. Tomato Bread Soup in the Instant Pot with grilled cheese on the side sounds delicious. We’ve been making grilled cheese this way, with mayo spread on the outside of the bread. A combo of sharp cheddar and gruyere is ideal. I have some Brussels Sprouts to use up, so I might halve and roast them at 425. Just toss them with olive oil and a little salt, and drizzle with balsamic right when they come out.


Instant Pot Picadillo with a side of rice or steamed cauliflower (either florets or riced cauliflower). You can substitute lean ground beef or ground chicken for the pork if you’d like. Ground meat can get clumpy when it’s cooked in the Instant Pot, use a potato masher or pastry blender to break it up.


I have a cookie class today and my kitchen will most likely be covered in sugar! The weather looks decent in Houston, so I’m thinking I’ll throw some pre-marinated chicken kabobs on the grill. I purchase them at H-E-B or Central Market ready to go! Make some rice or roasted potatoes or roasted green beans. Toss a salad and you’re done. You could also do an easy Chicken Tikka in the Instant Pot with a store-bought sauce and chicken breasts. Throw in veggies to make it a one-pot meal!


I have another cookie class today for my Smart in the Kitchen School members. For dinner, I’m transferring some pizza dough from our freezer to our fridge on Wednesday night. My kids can roll it out and make delicious homemade pizza. I use this recipe, which is foolproof and easy. Be sure to order Alexandra’s new Pizza Night cookbook, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and if you’re celebrating I hope you enjoy a peaceful and cozy night with your family. If you’re cooking at home, why not a batch of Marcella Hazan’s bolognese bubbling on the stove? Serve with whatever pasta shape floats your boat and roasted broccolini.

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