Now available at speciality retailers and select axe-throwing venues throughout the United States, the Agdor 28 Axe is an excellent all-around camping and expedition axe. A well-made and versatile tool, it features a 2.5 lb Montreal axe head with a curved 28-inch American hickory handle for superb balance.

At the sporting level, The World Axe Throwing League (WATL) is an organization the Agdor will thrive within. In league play, when the game is tied a ‘Big Axe’ tie-breaker occurs. This nerve-wracking, game-deciding throw requires the right axe. Out of the box, the Agdor 28 meets Big Axe specifications for WATLIATF, and BATL, and features a wide 4.5-inch blade for a serious edge over the competition.


The name, Agdor, was chosen for its reference to Rodga mansion located in Norrköping, Sweden. Agdor is Rodga spelled backward. The significance of the mansion to Hults Bruk originates back to Jacob Reenstierna, the man who first established the mansion as a steel mill during the 1700s.

With the widespread release of the Agdor 28 Axe featuring a Montreal pattern, Hults Bruk is proud to honor tradition in its craftsmanship. The Agdor speciality line of axes represents premium quality established in 1697 by the Hults Bruk brand.