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The push dagger — also known as the fist knife, punch knife, or push knife — has a murky origin abroad. However, it is thought to have been related to the katara punching sword of India.

Regardless of who invented it, the push dagger gained popularity in the 1800s and was utilized during various wars due to its effective use in hand-to-hand combat.

While other knives, like folders and even most fixed blades, are considered useful tools, push daggers are widely deemed self-defense weapons. They were carried as defensive weapons because they are lightweight and easy to conceal. For that same reason, they are banned in certain localities.

Still, if you’re an avid knife collector and want a solid push dagger, here are the best push daggers for sale at Knife Depot.

Note: This post was first written way back in 2012, but we updated it with newer and better knives in March 2024.

Cold Steel Urban Edge

These days, Cold Steel is by far the best manufacturer of push knives. Not only do they make a few different models, but they all excel in their own way.

One of the most popular at Knife Depot is the Cold Steel Urban Edge.

This one is on the smaller side with a 2.5-inch blade and small Kray-Ex handle. We’ve had people use this push knife for EDC applications, especially because it has double the functionality with one serrated edge and one plain edge.

It is also extremely lightweight at under 2 ounces. It’s available with plain edges too.

Schrade MOE Push Dagger

This push dagger is larger than the Urban Edge with a 3.25-inch blade. There is a slight blood groove down the center to reduce the weight of the knife.

Its TPE handle is textured with the Schrade logo and feels comfortable in the hand. The sheath offers multiple carrying options, allowing you to clip it to your belt or boot.

Cold Steel Chaos Push Knife

The Chaos Push Knife is part of Cold Steel’s Chaos series of fixed blades with knuckle guards like those found in old World War I trench knives. Needless to say, this is one of the most unique push knives you can find.

The blade is fairly long at 5 inches, but most people won’t be looking at the blade. On the more open handle of the knife are two skull crusher pommels. It fits into a Secure-Ex sheath you can attach to your belt.

This thing is a real beast.

BnB Damascus Push Knife

The BnB Knives Push Dagger is a more straightforward push knife design but with some welcomed flourishes.

Instead of the regular steel used on the other models, this push knife has a 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade, which uses two steels folded over each other to create a unique pattern.

Walnut scales are pinned to the tang. It comes with a leather sheath.

Cold Steel Drop Forged Push Knife

The Cold Steel Drop Forged Push Knife stands out from the bunch because it’s forged with a single piece of steel.

That means its 4-inch dual-edged blade is connected to the handle so there’s no obvious point of failure.

It does add some weight to the knife, but that can be welcomed in an emergency situation when you need some heft.

CobraTec Folding Push Knife

Here is another push dagger design that tries to do something different: the CobraTec Folding Push Dagger.

This knife is interesting because it can either be a push dagger or fixed blade. The 3-inch blade made from 440C stainless steel locks into position with a backlock mechanism. The knife comes with a leather sheath and a white bone handle.

Cold Steel Safe Maker I

Cold Steel also have the Safe Maker series, which is somewhat related to the Peace Maker series. The Safe Makers are a cross between the Urban Edge and the Schrade Push Knife.

The Cold Steel Safe Maker I has a longer 4.5-inch blade and a textured Kraton handle that’s reliable to hold regardless of the environment. The Safe Maker II is still a good push knife, but it’s a bit smaller with a 3.25-inch blade. You really can’t go wrong with either though.

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