How to soften bath towels?

Would you like to enjoy soft bath towels that bring comfort and a sense of relaxation? How to wash bath towels properly to soften them? Follow these few tips that would make your towels warm and snugly.

Wash your bath towels often

To make your towels soft, wash them every three to four days in warm water if necessary using colour-friendly bleach (for coloured towels). Wash white towels in hot water, using chlorine-free bleach (if required). Also, it would help if you washed white towels separately or with other white linen; otherwise, they may turn grey or yellow over time.

Try out the white vinegar

If you want to remove a build up left from chemical oils and fabric softener, you can use an ingredient that you have in your kitchen – white vinegar. Vinegar prevents your baths towels from stiffness and makes them softer. Besides, you can mix white vinegar with baking soda to clean even better.

To soften bath towels with vinegar and soda, you should add 1 cup of vinegar and wash in warm water. Once the first cycle is completed, add ½ cup of baking soda and wash a complete cycle in warm water again. Pay attention that no extra detergents or softeners are needed.

Use fabric softener rarely

Try to use fabric softener as instructed on the package, but only every three or four washes, because wax particles in a fabric softener can damage the towel’s fabric. As a result, it will not absorb moisture as well as before.

Wash bath towels separately

Wash towels separately from clothing. It is more hygienic, and you can set up proper washing mode.

Dry carefully

After removing the towel from the dryer, make sure it is scorched. However, towels must not be over-dried, as this may damage the integrity of the individual linen fibres.

We hope that these tips will be helpful and your bath towels will always stay soft!

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