Sasha Bikkof’s interior design embraces luxury and glamour. If you are curious about the projects of this incredible new york-born interior designer you are in the right place. Continue to scroll to discover everything about her projects and her interior design journey.

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Sasha Bikkof: Top NYC's Interior Designer
Image Credit: Sasha Bikkof


Sasha Bikkof studied at George Washington University and the American University in Paris with a background in Fine Arts and Art History. She began her career at Chelsea’s Gagosian Gallery before establishing her own interior design firm: Sasha Bikoff Interior Design.

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Image Credit: Sasha Bikkof

Bikoff’s style is very particular.  All her projects are massively influenced by the multicultural flavors of her hometown, and from her experiences traveling  around the world. There’s no limits. She loves to combine different art forms, patterns, such as fashion with interiors.

“I think that interior design encapsulates so many different art forms. I don’t want to ever set limits for myself because spaces come in so many different shapes and forms and it’s a journey to create a space. I want to be able to provide the full journey with all the paths that it takes to get there.” – Sasha Bikoff by LH Magazine.

Sasha Bikkof: Top NYC Interior Designer
Image Credit: Sasha Bikkof

Sasha Bikkof is a truly antique dealer. In other words, she sources antique and vintage pieces from around the world which she reimagines in couture fashion fabrics. 

Sasha Bikkof: Top NYC Interior Designer
Image credit: Sasha Bikkof

Now it’s time to getting to know her projects. Take a look in her “Dakotaproject which evoke a distinguished lifestyle and it will help you to get some home decor inspiration. 

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Sasha Bikkof: Top NYC Interior Designer
Image Credit: Sasha Bikkof


You will have the change to complete your new creative home decoration by Sasha Bikoff with our best lighting pieces. Get this luxurious living room style through our most enchanting mid-century modern chandeliers: the Brucbeck Spiral lighting piece


| Brubeck Spiral|


Sasha Bikkof: Top NYC Interior Designer


With an enchanting touch, the charming effect provided by the spiral case will give a unique lighting design shine to your living room design.  


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