Landau +Kinderbacher is an interior design brand known by its interior design projects since 1994.  The brand works with a high number of multi-skilled architects and interior designers, highly committed to work national and international projects.

Through their projects they want to create living environments that satisfy the customer’s personality. The quality of those national and international projects has been proved by the largest number of publications and awards that Laudau +Kinderbacher achieved.  

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Landau +Kinderbacher From Germany with the best interior design creators
Image Credit: Landau +Kinderbacher


The a sense of high-quality is based on sustainable, premium materials and efficient technologies. The architectural design projects by Landau +Kinderbacher are unique and you can get all of the their inspirational looks below, because we brought you some of their projects. 

DL New Product

The Golden Quarter

The Golden Quarter is an architectural design inspired by the city of Vienna. This project present us an exclusive, contemporary and cosmopolitan architecture. It fits not only exclusive office and retail areas but also luxury penthouses

Elements such as velvet and leather, white walls and smoked oak on the floors are predominant when it comes to Golden Garden design living room areas. The paronamic view inside these living rooms is the city of Vienna. You can see this magnific and iconic view from the roof terrace. 

Landau +Kinderbacher From Germany with the best interior design 4
Credit Image: Landau +Kinderbacher

Luxury Houses Book

Neoclassical Villa

 This neoclassic Landau +Kinderbacher project it’s a timeless design that fufills the desire for an elegant atmosphere. 

Landau +Kinderbacher From Germany with the best interior design 1

The timelessly atmosphere is reflected in the smallest details and you can see it from every corner of the house areas. All the materials are carefully chosen, specially designed furniture details such as textile and wall coverings.

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Penthouse in Munique – Bugenhause  

The penthouse project of Landau +Kinderbacher, contains state-of-the-art technology such as electrical sky-frame windows, voice-activated technology, electrical sliding doors. It’s a luxurious living room design in warm tones with a maximum of comfort.

Landau +Kinderbacher From Germany with the
Credit image:Landau +Kinderbacher

Matheny Family


| Matheny Chandelier |

Landau +Kinderbacher From Germany with the best interior design


For Landau +Kinderbacher architecture is much more than an old business, they belive it is a new, individual expression of perfection. DelightFULL also believe that interior mid-century design is a form of art that’s why we put all of our love into creating our craftmanship lighting pieces.  


There’s so much more you can learn about Landau +Kinderbacher architectural design! Did you fall in love with all of these inspiring projects? 

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